Contactless cards, watch out for scams: here’s how to avoid them

Bad news for contactless card holders who risk falling into the trap of an attacker while on duty. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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Thanks to the negative impact of Covid on our lives, over the past few months we have had to change many of our habits. There is a clear example The growth of digital payment tools. A highly desirable boom by the government, which decided not by chance to introduce ad hoc measures, such as cash back from the state.

At the same time, unfortunately, the increasing use of these payment tools is also attracting interest scammers who are thus trying to extort money from the miserable person on duty. There are many traps that you risk falling into, especially if you have one Karta touch. So let’s get into the details and together see all there is to know about it.

Contactless cards, savings at risk: beware of fraud attempts

Unfortunately, there are many Fraud attempts to which maximum attention should be paid. In fact, quite often, some bad guys try to extort money from the unfortunate person on duty through specially designed traps. These include some of the scams that are carried out using the technology behind the cards contact.

The latter, as can be easily understood from the name, allows you to make various payments without having to insert the card into the payment terminal. To this end, in fact, enough to approximate reader to complete the transaction. If all this is not enough below a certain threshold It is not necessary to write the PIN. Until recently, this was the limit 25 euro. But recently, it was decided to raise it to 50 euros.

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Therefore, due to these characteristics, many are afraid of extortion of money by a fraudster during the service. The latter, in fact, can bring Portable POS into the victim’s pocket and pass the transaction without their knowledge, simply by not exceeding the required minimum PIN. Alternatively the scammer can use one Smartphone with NFC technology Equipped with applications capable of reading compatible payment card data.

At the same time, it is good to remember that every payment made through digital tools is so track it down. For this reason, the police can trace the identity of the fraudster. On the other hand, since these are small amounts, it may happen that the victim may not even notice what happened. But not only that, many may decide to surrender, as they are not ready to bear the necessary legal costs.

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Contactless cards and fraud attempts: How to defend yourself

Fortunately, it is possible that you will be able to defend against these fraud attempts. To this end, for example, it is recommended that you line your card holder with papers Aluminium. This prevents data transfer.

It is also possible to buy from the market RFID Blocking Wallets. Alternatively, you can block contactless payments on a specific card directly from the app, or even leave your card at home, and remember it before importing it into Google Pay, Apple Pay, and the like.

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