Fourth degree: “There was no premeditation.” Abate and Filippo Torretta’s impossible mistake

Fourth degree: “There was no premeditation.”  Abate and Filippo Torretta’s impossible mistake

The death of Giulia Cecchettin and the responsibilities of Filippo Torretta took center stage during the November 24 episode of Quarto Grado, a Rete4 TV show hosted by Gianluigi Nuzzi and Alessandra Fierro. Panorama journalist Carmelo Abate appears on the list of guests invited to the Mediaset lounge to discuss the case and gives his interpretation of the events of the past few days: “I do not believe that he carried out a criminal plan, but I believe that he is a boy at the mercy of something that exceeded his will. I am not yet talking about premeditation.” “So if later elements come up we can discuss it, and I don’t see premeditation yet. If you told me he was checking out a place to go and kill the girl, would he put himself on camera?”, arguments not appreciated by Carmen Pugliese, a former prosecutor and regular guest on the Friday evening show.

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Then there is talk of the fact that Filippo Torretta will return to Italy on Saturday, November 25, on an official flight. However, Adnkronos journalist Silvia Mancinelli turned up her nose: “He will arrive in Venice with the Falcon900 plane, which brought back the naval sniper Salvatore Girone to Italy seven years ago. It is an Air Force plane and we know that the distance from Germany to Venice does not take many hours, It was even possible to use a cell phone.” Nozi agrees: “I’ve been writing this on my social media for days, we need to use a cell phone, Torretta will come back with a nice cell phone, we will go get it at the border, then justice will take its course.”

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