Delia Duran Makes ‘Progress’ to Soleil Sorge / ‘We Are That Way and I Like This’

Delia Duran Makes ‘Progress’ to Soleil Sorge / ‘We Are That Way and I Like This’

Big brother vip, Delia Duran and Soleil Sorge discuss their relationship

next one March 14, 2022 In Canale 5, the final episode of Big Brother vip 6 will be broadcast and right now Delia Duran Find a comparison with Soleil Sorge regarding their relationship, which has had its ups and downs at home. The two girls have always fought for love Alex Baileywho is split at home between the role of Delia’s fiancée and the role of Sulli’s best friend (who in the meantime Jessica’s condolences about heart problems with BarrowEd), then close triangle With a naughty blonde kiss between women. However, Delia is now eager to tell Sulli that she basically loves her: “Yesterday I had a great discussion with Manila and I said ‘The only woman who tells me things in front of me is Sully Sorge.’ I appreciate it so much. When people are jealous they misunderstand it, you and I are not and I love it.”

Sulley Sorge “rejects” Delia Duran?

Of all the responses, Sully Sorge alludes to the first finalist in Big Brother VIP 6Delia Duran, not to trust her, in light of the various assaults on the Venezuelan when the latter repeatedly called her the “third nuisance” in the triangle formed with Alex Bailey: “You can’t say ‘I’ve always defended you’ because that’s a lie. I feel you’re not very consistent because they tell me so many things, even if I didn’t let myself be affected by that, otherwise I wouldn’t be here talking to you.” Finally, at the end of the comparison, Sulli sinks in on Delia, challenging her to reveal the contradiction with her constant negative and positive second thoughts.

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