Fedez discharged from San Raffaele Hospital: “I’m fine” – Corriere.it

Fedez discharged from San Raffaele Hospital: “I’m fine” – Corriere.it
to Chiara Maviletti

Fedez left San Raffaele Hospital this morning, with his wife Chiara Ferragni at his side, and said how is he: Days ago he underwent surgery for a rare type of pancreatic cancer.

His hand is intertwined with that of Chiara Ferragni, Fedez
leave the hospital San Rafael in Milan, where he underwent surgery A rare form of pancreatic cancer. “I’m goodHe simply responded to those who asked him about his condition after surgery. “It’s nice to get out of the hospital,” he added. More than anything else, it is nice to come back to life, as announced days ago. Because the singer who leaves the hospital after surgery and hugs his children again means this: to come back to life. She always accompanied him through the hardest part of his young life – Fedez is 32 years old -, Chiara Ferragni. He slept in the hospital, beside him, giving him strength when it was hard to be her, affection, and courage. Now, on the day of his resignation, he wrote on social media: “It was hard but we are at home” and in thanking everyone, he used the most special words “for her wonderful husband, because he fought so hard and for being so brave to our family.”

was the singer He has been hospitalized since March 22nd: The disease was diagnosed, as he explained on his Instagram profile, a few days ago. Immediately after leaving office Two photos with the medical staff Which followed, he writes: “Thank you who literally saved my life, who accompanied and nurtured me in these days that were not simple but on the other hand brought me back to a new perspective on life. Thank you to Professor Falcone and all his wonderful staff. Thank you to all the nurses on the ward, and thank you for the great humanity and support you have given me. Love is the most powerful medicine. You go home, come back to lifeIn the photo there are also his parents: the mother closed her eyes, leaning on his shoulder

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Ferragni wrote of his accomplices days ago, “Forever it will be,” referring to the passage Fidez wrote “Your Feelings” written neatly for Ask for your partner’s hand In May 2017 in Verona Arena. This proved to be perhaps more complex than expected, but it gave the Grail the opportunity to look at things from an entirely new perspective.

A perspective in which the most important things, without comparison, are feelings. their children in particular. The singer was released in the past few hours Short video From a call with Al-Bakr Leo, expecting Coming home to me I will live againAnd in recent days, the artist has also been able to see his daughter in a video victorywhich on March 23 last – When he was already in the hospital – He was one year old.

Therefore, the now imaginary couple suddenly became closer, more real, and were able to use their supernatural power – communication – also to break down another taboo, which the disease represents in its most frightening manifestation. During the pancreatic operation, Fedez explained it With a post on Instagram This part of its members has been removed. The rapper also posted a photo showing a post-surgery scar (which lasted six hours) on his stomach and another that shows Explain the process in detail.

Ferragni, on the contrary, immediately after the surgery wrote a post on Instagram telling his 26 million followers:We were afraid of everythingBut “the surgery went well.” “Let’s just hope – he added – that all this will become just a bad memory that has taught us, once again, the importance of enjoying life to the fullest, every day.” As the digital entrepreneur later explained as well The social silence of the rapperPublishing a photo gallery of the days between the discovery of disease and surgery, he wrote that “ We took our time away from social media, spent as much time with children as possible, went to many visits and exams, went for walks, ate ice cream sitting on a bench, spent time with his closest friends, recorded some music (huh he did it and listened), slept with Leo in bed (usually sleeping in his room) and celebrated his fourth birthday. It seemed cloudy for most of this time: it was as if time had stopped and I was more afraid than I had ever been in my life.”

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According to the surgeon who operated on him, Massimo Falcone, for this type of cancer “the five-year survival is over 60%” (Here is the interview with the surgeon).

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