Four young men were sentenced to 138 years in prison for the gang rape of a minor in Palma

Four young men from Palma have been sentenced to up to 138 years in prison over their charges Gang rape of a minor girl in January 2016. In addition, they will not be able to come within 500 meters of the victim or communicate with them for twenty years.

The Second Chamber of the Palma Court sentenced the main accused to 50 years in prison Four counts of sexual assault. He will also have to pay a fine of three euros per day for six months for another offenceFavoring forced prostitution The minor, as he tried to sell the victim to a pimp for a thousand euros.

Two other young men from the group were convicted Up to 32 years in prison for each of themWhile the fourth member will have to serve 24 years for the same four sexual assault crimes.

All four must jointly compensate the victim 100,000 euros for the damages caused In the attack that occurred eight years ago in an occupied apartment in the Polygon de Levant area of ​​Palma. Three minors also participated in the crime, who were already convicted of committing these acts when they confessed to them.

The judges emphasize – Severity of injury and frequency of behaviorThis forced the minor “to endure events that were not only inappropriate for her age, but were particularly humiliating and disturbing.”

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