TikTok is laying off dozens of employees in the US and Europe

TikTok is laying off dozens of employees in the US and Europe

According to five people familiar with the situation, tik tok It embarked on a global restructuring of its businesswhich also includes Separation of several employees.

In recent years, the app – which is controlled by the Chinese company ByteDance – has rapidly expanded its user and employee base. In September TikTok Over 1 billion monthly active users Today, that is important Thousands of employees around the world. The platform’s rapid growth and success among younger users has pushed competing social networks like Instagram and YouTube – owned by Meta and Google respectively – to offer short video formats similar to those of TikTok.

On Monday, July 18, though, Some European employees of the company have been informed that their jobs are at risk And they expect to be called in the coming weeks to meet with human resource managers, according to sources inside the company. Some employees in the UK have been warned that there will be staff reductions across the company. in the same day Also in the United States Some employees have been informed that their positions will be cancelled.

A TikTok employee said the internally announced restructuring includes layoffs and closing some vacant positions It relates to the company’s activities in The United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom. The Expansion plans for some teams Furthermore, they were inside the company frozen.

David Ortiz is one of the first CEOs hired by TikTok outside of China — who previously worked at Snap, the company he controls. snap chat – she has announce on LinkedIn that he wants to leave the company because his role in the framework has been cancelled.a Much bigger reorganization“.

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A senior TikTok employee familiar with recent developments has not denied that the company is undergoing a restructuring process that also includes layoffs. TikTok spokespersonBy responding to a request for comment submitted by wired ukAnd the No doubt about the existence of discountsHowever, he declined to comment officially on the situation.

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