Columbus formula for vacations in the United States

Columbus formula for vacations in the United States

Columbus Holidays She continues to innovate Brand image After acquisition by the owner Ivano Zelio. The entrepreneur’s philosophy is not based “on quantity, but on quality. Just take a look at our new site and you will immediately understand our position on the market,” says the manager.

As Zilio explains, Our approach focuses on Valuation From all sides Destination United StatesThe big cities with their markets, festivals and restaurants, but above all the natural heritage with its parks, mountains and beaches.”

Programming United State

TO has developed programming for the United States that takes into account “three categories: Columbus Explorera section dedicated to The real traveler Who travels the roads less traveled by tourism to discover and enjoy the most authentic part of destinations. Columbus Holidays: This section is dedicated to More classic proposals And proven ones that never go out of fashion. A collection of unmissable itineraries capable of meeting every budget need. And finally Columbus Platinum Our goal is to surprise, amaze, amaze and exceed all expectations. This category is intended for Luxurious travel With charming accommodations and exclusive locations.

Columbus formula

United States to go from Flight and driving formulain Big capitals – New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas – including adults National parks And lands American Indianswalk along Route 66 And fly to New Britain Then he moved to the Deep South.

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