Fortnite x Lego: The crossover could include custom Minecraft-style worlds

Fortnite x Lego: The crossover could include custom Minecraft-style worlds

There have been rumors of its existence for some time now A cross between Fortnite and Lego, which could clearly be the biggest ever in a battle royale game offered by Epic Games. In the last few hours, more rumors have arrived about this collaboration, which apparently may also include A Global generation system In some ways similar to those in Minecraft.

This tip was launched by leaker ‘Krove moh’, who states that crossover could give users the opportunity to create new game worlds through… “Random land generation system” It is based on “world seeds”, in a similar way to Minecraft, with the ability to share them with other players or visit those created by the community.

Thus, the idea, according to Insider Gaming, is that as part of the collaboration there could be a function able to create Fortnite islands based on Lego bricks thanks to the power and versatility of the game.UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite). To reinforce this theory, at the beginning of the year, A “Brick Database”with a name that can easily be associated with Lego bricks, on a Fortnite test server.

Epic Games and Lego: What is cooking?

Obviously, all of these are rumors that should be taken with a pinch of salt, pending official information. What we know for sure at the moment is that Epic Games and Lego announced a partnership last year for an interactive digital experience.

The press release accompanying the announcement didn’t directly mention Fortnite, though it’s the most likely candidate to bring this collaboration to life, considering the popularity of the battle royale game and how it has specialized over the years in hosting crossovers of almost every genre.

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