It is the best selling console for Black Friday 2021 in the USA –

It is the best selling console for Black Friday 2021 in the USA –

Xbox S appear as best selling console During this Black Friday 2021 in the United States, as reported by Business Insider, beating the fierce competition in PS5And the Nintendo Switch OLED and Xbox Series X itself and a bit surprisingly emerged as the winner of this fall’s crazy shopping session.

The measurements, reported by the US Bulletin, come from Adobe and relate to a large amount of Distributors in the United States, physical and online, in this period of Black Friday 2021.

Xbox S

There are at least two good reasons why the Xbox Series S has emerged as the best-selling console, which makes the result less surprising: while demand for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch OLED remains high. The difference is that the Xbox Series S can easily be found for sale in the United States.

So the element of fundamental difference in sales is given by Availability From the console, allowing it to actually be sold, which is no small feat. However, the price: The real meaning of the Xbox Series S is the idea of ​​a next-generation console, which makes any next-generation game work, at a very steep price like $300/€. While for the most eager and attentive gamers the required technical compromises can be heavy, for a large number of users these differences are somewhat unnecessary and the fact that Xbox Series S is able to make the latest games act like a true new generation. At the lowest possible price it seems to have had the effect Microsoft had hoped for.

In addition to Xbox Game Pass, which was recently boosted by the arrival of Forza Horizon 5 and soon Halo Infinite, Xbox Series S has found itself in perfect condition to take on Black Friday 2021, and according to the first data that has emerged, it appears to have had excellent results, also waiting to see any actual sales during this period.

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