Dog Menu Customized and Delivered to Your Home: The New Made in the USA Insanity

Dog Menu Customized and Delivered to Your Home: The New Made in the USA Insanity
How pet food delivery works.

It is now possible in America to order food for your dog or other pets at home.

Thanks to the numerous applications found in different smartphone stores, it is now possible to get anything from the comfort of your sofa at home.

Online stores allow you to do this Buy practically Everything, not just food, but also shoes, clothes, makeup, technological devices, and entertainment, sports or work tools.

In Italy, food order delivery, It alone generates a turnover of around 1 billion euros, which amounts to 4 if the food consumed is also counted. More than 13 million Italians regularly use personalized apps, and about 12% of the population are now used to buying food online.

Data shows that the sector has grown tremendously, since 2020 there has been a growth in the food delivery sector of approximately 55% in addition to an additional growth of 38% in 2021. The lockdowns imposed during the pandemic played an essential role in this, as it pushed the population to use methods Alternative Shopping On the other hand, merchants have also had to adapt to demand to try to remain competitive in the market.

Dog food arrives in America

In this context, the new trend that has begun in the United States is not surprisingOrder ready-made meals for your dog, too. In fact, the number of companies that offer a New feeding format designed specifically for pets.

It is a service not only used by dog ​​owners, even though they represent the most important part of this new sector. According to data collected in the USA, 48% of those who use pet food delivery service have… dogfollowed by owners the cats, the birds And even, Fish.

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Pet food delivery
Food delivery for pets.

Home-made meals for animals

It’s not just about one-time delivery, companies are offering their customers the option to do so Take care of your pets’ daily diet in every way. The offer includes a The studied list Based on the animal’s size, breed, and specific needs.

In practice it comes down to it Fully custom menus Which combines dry foods with fresh for real flavour The diet was studied and optimized for each animal individually local. The most serious companies provide a real team of veterinarians, scientists and microbiologists. This is a format that already exists, and is also used in Italy, for humans, with companies that offer maintenance or slimming meals and also provide everything you need at home with daily or weekly deliveries. the Pet food formatting Delivery is already here, even if it’s not widespread yet, but things may change soon.

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