Gaza, Rafah crossing is closed again. There is a clash over ambulances: “Hamas uses them” –

Gaza, Rafah crossing is closed again.  There is a clash over ambulances: “Hamas uses them” –

From our correspondent
Jerusalem – Bab Rafah It has remained closed, and is now a narrow corridor between concrete blocks erected by the Egyptians. In recent days, a thousand Palestinians carrying foreign passports, including Italian ones, as well as those seriously injured, passed through here. from here You will not be able to pass if Hamas leaders do not put your name on the list. If it is not marked next to it the approval of the Israeli and Arab soldiers guarding the crossing. The mechanism broke down yesterday. It is not about diplomacy, it is about war.

Displacement stops

Tsahal forces took control of the northern part of the road parallel to the Mediterranean Sea, and also set up a checkpoint. They are inciting civilians to move to the more protected area, towards Egypt. Officials say: Fundamentalist paramilitary forces attacked teams trying to ensure the safety of the road. We return in a straight line to the problem of who passes through the border gap and who can seek refuge in the south: an American official explains to the newspaper The New York Times Which The reason for postponing the evacuation of the wounded in recent days was because Hamas included its men on the lists.

Versions on the raid

Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said he was “horrified by the bombing of the relief convoy” on Friday afternoon. Hamas men report Israeli raid – 15 dead – But they announced that only one vehicle would be targeted.

Army spokesmen responded that the vehicle was being used by paramilitary forces. The dilemma remains: how can the white vehicles with the Red Crescent move without risks, to reach the wounded, and try to save those who remain under the rubble: More than 9,500 people were killed, most of them civilians.

The World Health Organization indicates that the conflict mainly affects women and children, 67 percent will be victims. In the long clashes in the years 2008-2009 and 2014, the percentage reached 34%, according to Palestinian sources. A bombing killed 20 people in a school Hundreds of people were crowded among a million internally displaced people.

The United Nations warns that the humanitarian crisis has become catastrophic: there are still 4 bread ovens out of 20 operating in the south, and queues are lining up to get some pita bread to take home in the last hours, and on average there are two pieces to eat, flour is just what Provided by UNRWA, the United Nations agency for Palestine refugees.

Siege of the bunker

The Israeli mechanized infantry forces were supposed to penetrate south of Gaza City, to complete the encirclement of the main center, where intelligence identified the main underground headquarters of the jihadists. Also, 200 terrorists who participated in the October 7 massacres were hiding there1,440 people were killed, most of them civilians, and more than 240 hostages were taken in the Strip, and 28 soldiers have been killed in the attack so far.

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There could have been fighting in the Tal al-Hawa area, Here was once the Preventive Security Command. It was in these cells that Mohammed Dahlan cut off the beards reserved for Islamists, a symbol of Fatah’s power in Gaza, as a sign of disdain. The building was destroyed by Hamas in a 2007 coup. A missile was fired from the Strip – In total during the 29 days of the war, there were 9,200, including mortar shells – It was intercepted before it reached Eilat On the Red Sea.

Reply to Nasrallah

While in the north the ping pong war continues Hizb allah: “We are not interested in opening another front – says Yoav Galant, Defense Minister – but if the organization makes a mistake, it will decide to condemn Lebanon.” He confirms: “We will find Yahya Sinwar (Hamas leader) and kill him.” I promise you to the people of Gaza: If you kill him, the war will end soonerto”.

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