Forbidden Pictures of the Palace – Libero Quotidiano

Forbidden Pictures of the Palace – Libero Quotidiano

Pictures are forbidden to minors. The scandal screamed again Lizo, the singer, 33, is a symbol of great pride. Yes, because she posted on social media a sexy video of her climbing the ladder of her private plane wearing a piece of her underwear.

sunglasses, bra, e high waisted leggingshere the latter torn at “strategic” points, i.e. in the foreground, on the sides and on the B side of the Lizzo, a kind of planetary legend.

For the honor and accuracy of the record, in the video, we see Lizzo emerging from the back of a luxury black SUV and then, solidly, Walk towards the jet ladder. The singer stops halfway to look at the cameras, with a sensual wink, like a real killer woman. In the background, in the pinned images, the notes for the song announced by Lizzo herself will be released on April 14. The artist says she is sure it will be “the song of the summer”.

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