“You hurt me more than I can imagine” – Corriere.it

“You hurt me more than I can imagine” – Corriere.it

Claire Feragny And Fedez Ready to tell the truth about the alleged crisis that was born in Sanremo.

Or so it sounds like he walked out of the promo for the special episode dedicated to the festival of their TV series “The Ferragnez,” which is streaming on Amazon Prime from September 14th. Season 2 was released on May 18, but the last part was missing, specifically dedicated to telling what happened during the days of the event. In fact, the trailer reads: “The truth that everyone has been waiting for and that no one has yet told.”

“The only person who can cause disaster in Sanremo is me,” Fedez says in an introductory sentence. In response, his wife looks at him with a hint of a smile that seems to hide (not well) a veil of anxiety.

Cut to images from the final episode of the festival, when Fedez allowed Rosa Chemical to drag himself onto the stage, who then kissed him. In the video, you can see the moments on stage and the clip that went viral on the web, in which the husband and wife appear to argue during commercials, then go backstage with Amadeus. “I wasn’t quite clear,” Fedez is heard saying in the episode’s trailer.

Ferragni then said: “It hurt me more than I could have imagined,” he says. “I asked him to be there as a spectator for once, not as an actor,” he adds, in what appears to be a conversation with the couples therapist.

In short, for fans of the couple (and gossip lovers) all that remains is to wait until September 14th to find out what happens in Sanremo and in the months that follow.

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