December 7, 2022

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‘I’ve never been afraid’: this is how the Rai journalist talks about his experience with Ludovica Rogatti – VIDEO

“I saw every single one of them, after investigating clan infiltration in the football world they even burned my house, but I didn’t feel as scared as I used to be at that time.”. Speaking is the journalist Federico Ruffo, the famous rai presenter. to me tomorrow She recounted her short relationship with Ludovica Maire Rugattijumped to the news for issue Include Senator Matteo Ricchetti. Ruffo explains that he met Rogatti after the woman wrote to him “claiming to be an actress writer”. “In everything we saw each other twice,” he said. He continues: “It became clear that there was a certain interest from the beginning,” but he soon began to notice “From the cracks, there was something strange Compared to normal approaches between men and women.

From that moment begins one of the worst periods of my life.

A gift estimated to prove its authenticity. “One Sunday afternoon while I was at work, you called me angry and He started asking me about a series of women’s names I had dated with them in the past, and my relationships were small or large,” the journalist continues. “From that moment begins one of the worst periods of my life.” Ruffo speaks of constant calls, day and night, in “surreal tones”: he once called him “crying and screaming” claiming that his ex-boyfriend had gotten into his social profiles. He would understand that the two were dating, Rogatti allegedly complained about, then went to his house and “beat her”.

But it does not end here: the woman would have told Ruffo that the man “He was armed and he swore he would be at the center of Rai Productionsto shoot it. When the reporter expressed doubts about the story, she was “furious”. “Stalking is a very complex crime that has to be proven,” so Ruffo had tried the path of dialogue to avoid getting a complaint. From that day forward, their story will end.

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