Elena Gadel: “We love the complicity that takes place on stage with Women of My Life.”

Elena Gadel: “We love the complicity that takes place on stage with Women of My Life.”

Elena Gadel: “We love the complicity that takes place on stage with Women of My Life.”Promotional photo

With Marta Robles, you created a show in which you recite songs by women you admire, such as Maite Martín, María del Mar Bonet, or Clara Pía. Where does “Women of My Life” come from?

The project was born from the anti-sexual violence concert series created in Luz de Gaz. Gemma Recorder, from the venue, called us and told us she would really like us to have a concert. Marta and I had been chasing each other for a long time with the goal of creating a folding project, and this was the best excuse. Based on this suggestion, we created a group of artists who we loved for their music and speeches, and who we loved as professionals and as people.

How did they choose?

We didn’t have to meet any requirements other than that they were songs we loved or from creatives or artists we fell in love with and that represent something special in our lives or careers. Each one contributed his share

Besides music, what do you have in common with Marta Robles? the like? Collusion?

I knew Las Mijas well, I knew she was the leader of the group and I admired her ability to create such a beautiful project; Her ability as a businesswoman and her musical ability. Yes, in a way we admire each other and love the complicity that happens on stage. Sometimes I sing and when I look at her and see that she is next to me, I have a very special feeling.

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What will Pagan fans find to discover about you today?

I think it will revive women’s songs, both for her and for her, importance. From women who no longer exist and from our contemporaries. The audience will recognize many of these songs and hear them pass through our sieve: a song you already like by the way we interpret and convey it. I think they’re both beautiful ingredients for saying: I’m going to watch this concert!

This will be his second time participating in the Abadal Music Festival. He premiered it with Manu Guix. What attracts you to this proposal?

The place is very special and the feeling I had the first time. I want to revive it. I think it would be beautiful, the guitar and the voice in this beautiful setting. It’s almost heaven.

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