The Sixth Sense? Science analyzes it and shares hormones

The Sixth Sense?  Science analyzes it and shares hormones

New studies confirm that the sixth sense is present, and it is possible to begin to “measure” it. Opens up a new way of interpreting the human mind.

How many times have we faced discussions With our family and friends on “sixth Sense”? Maybe a lot. Perhaps that “I felt it”, “I knew it!” Many judgments have been raised. disbelief or vice versa consciousness. but maybe Scientists in the future will be able to dispel any doubts.

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But, At the moment, and at least officially, the five senses recognized. In the sixth part, theories, books, novels, imagined series, etc. are published. But always on the basis of “folk” stories and never as a result scientific discoveries. However, if you think about it, it will happen to all of us, more often or rarely, the warning “sensations” About what happens to us, but who Don’t know how to frame itspecially, With one of the five senses a favour.

We can’t deny that one of these “feelings” we sometimes have save his life. Or he “warned” us about it Something beautiful was about to happen. Or simply that it was there Something “in the air” adds nothing. right Now All that remains is to wait for confirmation from science. Who outlined the first ‘method’ of measuring those skills hitherto considered ‘marginal’ or ‘occasional’.

The sixth sense, what a team of scientists discovered

The studyhighly complex which was funded among other things by the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, involved echolocation. Interested results a A group of sighted and blind people. I studied Cognitive changes after the testIn the same context, we can introduce concepts Interception or proprioception.

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These are terms that don’t say much by themselves, at least to those who don’t study science. To explain it more simply we can say that They are about adaptation that brain puts in place for understand what’s going on in the environment in which it is located. Adjustments and perceptions are constantly changing, above all else On a subconscious level. To put it succinctly, when we move it is not as if we have to constantly “think” about where we are. The brain works on its own. And Calibrates all vital functions.

there mind _ mindFinally, constantly analyzes The sounds That come from outside, the changes temperature Based on light or dark, l Execution in a timely manner All you need to survive. a massive workIt happens every moment and we don’t notice it. On a conscious level, of course.

The effect of “radar” and the hormonal effect on the senses

at One of the steps of the study We read how actually, man toobe equipped with it function “radar” Which we know better bat, Or in fish, just to give examples. just this We can’t control it As we would like (probably).

Echolocation is a special skill forspatial hearingwhich is the ability to use Sound is reflected for information on the environment. Although echolocation is primarily associated with bats, It has now been proven that even humans can use it“.

Not only that, it seems to some studies – Practically at first, it must be said – they are evaluatingThe effect of hormones on sensory abilities. There seems to be The difference between a man and a woman. And in difficult situations, Depression Or disease, even The sixth sense is negatively affected.

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In short, sure everything is connected” And the scientific truth is waiting to be revealed, even if in reality man always “first knows” what has been framed in some way. academic. Most likely, the same will happen with Knowledge subordinate sixth Sense.

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