The fourth edition of Maresme's Voice, concentrated in four days | tvmataró

The fourth edition of Maresme's Voice, concentrated in four days |  tvmataró

The fourth edition of Maresme Sound, condensed into four days

On the one hand, it will be concentrated in 4 days, and on the other hand, El Café Nou becomes one of the locations alongside Dòria Llibres and Casal l'Aliança.

The fourth edition of Maresme Sound has arrived, organized by Dòria Llibres and Aiguamoll Música in collaboration with the Mataró City Council and the Mataró Music House. The acoustic series continues to bet on small concerts with the presence of artists from the Catalan indie scene and emerging groups from Mataró and its region. Its goal has remained the same since its inception, which is to bet on regional and local music.

Raul Sala, Aiguamol Music: We are living in a very powerful moment in terms of music production. Not only on the level of commercial music potential, but also on the production level.

This year there are two novelties. On the one hand, the concerts will be focused on 4 days, from 21 to 24 March. In previous editions, the Independent Music Festival lasted about eight months. From September to May there was one or two parties every month. One of the main reasons that caused this change is communication, as they say that it is very difficult to communicate in the long run.

On the other hand, it chose a new location. With its historic space and the fact that it is the headquarters of cooperatives in Mataro, Cafè Nou is one of the locations where Maresme Sound concerts with Dòria Llibres and Casal l'Aliança will take place.

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Raul Sala, Iguamul Music: This is what we are looking for. Culture, music and having a good time, but also giving value to what is in Mataro. We are very happy that Cafè Nou has allowed us to use their space.

The first concert will be performed by Agustí Calbet under the name Somebody. This Thursday it will be at Doria Llibres and admission will be free.

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