Stephanie of Monaco crying, mourning is terrible: ‘Goodbye my love’

Stephanie of Monaco crying, mourning is terrible: ‘Goodbye my love’

A serious loss for Stephanie Monaco and her family. The Princess of Monaco had to say goodbye to a member dear to her.

Stephanie Monaco (Facebook)

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third child Ranieri and Grace Kelly I’ve always been considered a bit “rebel.” The Grimaldi familyFor centuries at the head of the Principality of Monaco, a small but very rich country on the coast between Italy and France.

life Stephanie She was very young due to the terrible accident she had at the age of 17, when the car she was in with her mother Grace swerved off the road, causing the death of the Princess at the age of 58.

Later appeared more often in newspapers specializing in gossipfirst for trying to start his career as a singer, and then for trying too often Personal guard or circus workers.

For several years he hasn’t heard much from her, and she seems to have almost withdrawn Private lifeAnd caring only for children and charities that she considers the godmother. However, she has recently returned to the spotlight for a Smith This affected his family.

Stephanie from Monaco: The bereavement hits her family

Stephanie and Daughter of Camille Gottlieb Recently, they had to say goodbye to their beloved dog one last time, who has been a full member of their family for years. The Princess’s 24-year-old daughter greeted him with an influential post on social media. She and her mother are very fond of animals, especially dogs, and have many who love them as if they were other children.

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Beautiful like her mother, very much like her, and like her she does not like the spotlight very much, preferring to keep a certain reserve. It is known that after completing her studies, she founded a charitable organization that is Be safe MonacoIntended for the prevention of road accidents caused by alcohol.

It also works as Marketing Executive In the nightclub of Monaco. Touching the words the girl chose to greet her dog Jimmy: “You, you, will forever be my shining sunshine, and now you will be my shining star. I wish you a happy journey my love. Thanks for everything. I miss you at all”A heartbreaking and sincere farewell deeply affected people on the Internet.

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