Over-the-minimum fee: Don’t withdraw from these ATMs, they hold a fortune

Over-the-minimum fee: Don’t withdraw from these ATMs, they hold a fortune

Can you pay too much for ATM withdrawals? Unfortunately. Here’s what to look for to prevent this from happening.

Automated teller machines (ATMs) continue to decline and banking customers are facing a problem as to where to go to withdraw money. More often than not, yes Prefer to withdraw small amounts Because now you can pay for almost everything through POS. In urgent cases in which we need to withdraw, we must know that by withdrawing from the first branch that we find and which does not belong to our bank, we can pay very high and unjustified commissions.

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Unfortunately, some counters are intended to be “emergency branches”They take advantage of the client’s need and increase commissions for services. Normally, if you are able to withdraw from your bank, you will not pay commissions, you will only pay more when you change circuit, in which case the cost of different services varies according to the agreements between the different banks, your contract and to the originating bank.

How not to avoid too high fees

To avoid paying more, which on small amounts will become a higher percentage than the entire withdrawal (eg 3 € out of 300 € will have less effect than 3 out of 30 € withdrawn), one must necessarily Referring to the banking department of the individual and not to other institutions.

Beyond the cost of additional fees. Ilovetrading.it

Caution should also be taken in other places such as shopping centers, but also in bars and shops. In all these cases, you find yourself in front of emergency ATMs which, however, may ask for a commission of up to 2 or 3 euros to withdraw a few dozen euros, and therefore should be avoided completely.

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At this point, many will wonder: Why are commissions so expensive even at branch ATMs? streetAre the branches themselves to give an answer stating that so Commissions are needed to give them the possibility to cover the costs of running the branches.

Unfortunately, the The sharp drop in fees got the banks into trouble In keeping so many branches open, that is why so many branches seek cover: the smaller branches chose to cancel the service altogether, to close the branch, and in this way the other branches felt more and more deserving of substantially higher commission rates. He’s trying to intervene Antitrust that tries to evaluate each case to find a solution It doesn’t just affect the customer.

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