Follow today’s match live

Follow today’s match live

Roma team returns to the field Jose Mourinho, participated at 8.45 pm against Genoa at Ferraris Stadium. The attack, once again, is assigned Lukaku. At Genoa there is the former Kevin Strootman.

10.01 pm

54′ Goal disallowed for Lukaku due to offside

Roma equalizes with Lukaku, who crossed the goal line slightly at the moment of Dybala’s pass: the goal was disallowed by Orsato, confirms the VAR

10 pm

53′ Free kick from Pellegrini, nothing happens

Direct free kick from Pellegrini into the arms of the goalkeeper

9.57 pm

Even Totti is suffering in the stands

The cameras focus on Totti, who is hanging out with his friend Giancarlo Pantano at the Roma level

9.53 pm

46′ End of the second half

We start again with a score of 2-1 to Genoa. Roma with the heavy trio of Dybala, Lukaku and Belotti

9.52 pm

Mancini is out

Roma takes the lead in the 4th minute: Mancini leaves and Belotti enters

9.49 pm

Belotti warming up

Very intense warm-up for Belotti who will enter immediately. Sabelli leaves for Genoa and De Winter enters

9.37 pm

End of the first half with Genoa leading

The end of the first half, with Genoa leading 2-1

9.31 pm

90′ There will be 5 minutes of stoppage time

There will be 5 minutes of stoppage time

9.30 pm

45′ Genoa takes the lead with Retegui’s goal

Beautiful goal from Retegui at the end of a good move: Gudmundsson opens from midfield, Thorsby with his heel serves Retegui who enters the area and beats Rui Patricio

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9.27 pm

41′ Mancini is booked

Gianluca Mancini risks going with his wide arm towards Kutlu: for Orsato it is yellow

9.26 pm

40′ Retegui tries to watch out for Rui Patricio

From two steps, Retegui shoots towards goal, but Mancini is behind him and Rui Patricio in goal has no problems.

9.22 pm

37′ Slower pace

After the two goals exploded, the pace of the match slowed down for the time being. In Roma we rarely see Dybala and Lukaku


26′ Falazio on Mancini, Strootman is booked

Bad foul by Kevin Strootman on Gianluca Mancini: a small scuffle on the field, then Pellegrini and Paredes regain calm.

9.10 pm

Christanti, double celebration

With the goal against Genoa, Cristante celebrates his entry into the 30 players present throughout the history of the Giallorossi. I read here

9.14 pm

30′ Strootman comes off

In the end, after a foul on Mancini, Kevin Strootman went off. In his place is Gilardino Cotlo

9.09 pm

23′ Bove comes in, Llorente comes out

Mourinho was also forced to make a change: Bov came on for Llorente, and Cristante advanced in defence.

9.07 pm

22′ Roma equalize through Cristante

Surprisingly, on the first rush, Roma equalised: an assist from Spinazzola, and Cristante headed in to equalise.

9.05 pm

20′ Roma never pose a threat, and Paredes shoots high

Roma struggled to create play, with Paredes’ right-foot shot going too high

8.56 pm

11′ Badelj comes off, Thorsby comes on

Genoa is forced to make a substitution: a physical injury to captain Badelj and Thorsby replacing him

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8.54 pm

9′ Genoa is close to doubling the score

Genoa is dangerous again: Strootman and Vrindorp’s throw misses the target

8.50 pm

5′ Genoa in front

Genoa took the lead immediately through Gudmundsson: a pass from Strootman, and Roma’s central defenders entered the area and shot the ball with their left foot.

8.45 pm

1′ out of the match

The Genoa-Roma match begins, and Mourinho’s team begins

8.41 pm

The teams on the pitch, Isabel Totti in a Roma shirt

The teams enter the field and the cameras focusOr Isabelle Totti with dad Francesco And Roma shirt

8.35 pm

Mourinho: “They had more time to rest”

These are words Mourinho To Dazen before the match:The team is in good shape, and we are playing against a group that has 41 extra hours of preparation. We want to win against a team that we know is difficult. I don’t know if Pellegrini, Dybala and Lukaku are our best, it depends on the match. But when we are ready, we have a group of important offensive players.”.

7.58 pm

Totti and Noemi are also on the field

A special fan tonight at the Roma Stadium: he will be there in Tirbona Francesco TotI’m with my partner Naomi. Totti, who will be rewarded by Genoa with a special shirt, traveled from Rome and Genoa by plane with some fans. Here is the story of the trip

7.41 pm

Genoa official lineup

This is formal training for Genoa:Martinez Joe; Maturo, Bani, Dragosin, Vasquez; Sabelli, Strootman, Badelj, Vrindorp; Gudmundsson, Ritejoy

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7.35 pm

Genoa-Roma, special presence around the stadium

Not just the fans, but also the wild boars around the stadium look here

7.27 pm

Genoa – Roma, the official lineup of the Giallorossi

This is the official lineup for Rome: Rui Patricio; Mancini, Llorente, N’Dika; Christensen, Cristante, Paredes, Pellegrini, Spinazzola; Dybala, Lukaku

7.10 pm

Genoa-Roma, take the fans to the stadium

Roma won’t be alone in Genoa: here’s the video of Roma players being escorted onto the field. In everything they will be 1870 visiting fans Located in Marassi. look here

Ferraris Stadium, Genoa

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