Tomorrow, between optimism and pessimism

Tomorrow, between optimism and pessimism

Juventus is ready to resume work, and will do so tomorrow at home against Sassuolo, a match the Bianconeri used to win in the past, but last year they lost dramatically at the last minute, and suffered even in the second leg.
The season starts with a decidedly incomplete squad with some roles that still need reinforcements, attacking, midfield and maybe even a left winger. The classic party game is underway between those who are optimistic that the team can fight for the title and fight for the Scudetto and those who, on the other hand, think the ultimate goal is fourth place.

optimism The optimism stems from the fact that today’s team is the same as in the second round of last season, which saw Juventus play on an equal footing with all of them with important additions, without De Ligt and Dybala. In short, there were reinforcements and if someone else arrived, the sauadra would be more competitive in the first places. Important players such as Bremer have arrived, such as Di Maria, Pogba and Costi, in addition to those who were not present at the beginning of last year such as Vlahovic, Gatti and Zakaria. If the team does not commit gullibility at the start of last season, it will be able to fight with the first.

croak On the other hand, there is a potential pessimism caused by the fact that the team may still be a step below the others. The criticism also came for the pre-season which was certainly not exciting with the disastrous defeat against Atlético. Pessimists tend to highlight the team’s unenlightened style. Finally, two other elements to highlight are injuries, which so far feed the negative vision of the team and on the other hand the fact that the team is still incomplete and that this could be a problem in light of the season to be witnessed immediately. Number.. of important games to play.

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Juventus is ready to go, it will be necessary to understand whether the team is ready or not, to start the season.

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