Inter, new show for Lukaku at Chelsea. Radu alla Cremonese

Inter, new show for Lukaku at Chelsea.  Radu alla Cremonese

Three Hours at the Top in Viale della Liberation: Steps Forward for the Belgian Bomber. Known with Arido Braida dry loan to the goalkeeper

The tunes are loud. On the other hand, Inter are in a hurry: Marotta wants to hand over a team as scheduled as possible to Simone Inzaghi by the end of the month, so that he can better prepare for next season. Another day of intense work took place at the Viale della Liberazione. Starting with the summit that is held periodically at the Nerazzurri headquarters between the management and the coach, to assess the situation. The technician was briefed on the status of the ongoing negotiations, both incoming and outgoing, regarding all those related to the return of Romelu Lukaku. The summit lasted nearly three hours, with Inzaghi refusing to make any statements, although he answered with laughter questions about the Belgian. Thus, a sign of a significant lull in the process is now being determined. A general agreement has been reached, and Inter are trying to meet Chelsea’s demands: €10m for the loan requested by the Blues, and €7m plus two bonuses for the Nerazzurri’s latest offer.


But that wasn’t the only date of the day. Indeed, in the afternoon, Arido Braida, strategic advisor to Cremonese, and Oscar Damiani, agent of Ionot Rado, among others, visited the headquarters. The Romanian goalkeeper’s case was discussed, with the public prosecutor reporting at the end of the meeting that the two clubs had reached an agreement for a dry loan. “Cremonesi is a welcome solution for Rado, because he wants to stay in Serie A. He has also got offers from France and Germany. “The last word is up to him, once he decides that he will eventually come back to undergo medical tests and sign the contract,” Damiani explained. Another forward towards the future Inter.

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