Flora leaves heaven and takes revenge on Adelaide

Flora leaves heaven and takes revenge on Adelaide

One of the most loved characters this season Ladies’ paradise is the Flora of the Gentilesthe young daughter of Achilles Ravasi.

After arriving in Milan to read the lawyer’s will, the woman began to work on behalf of the doctor accountsthus becoming the new designer of the committee.

Thanks talent Dear Paradiso, It has established itself, causing the envy of American entrepreneurs who want to spread it abroad.

Ladies’ paradise: Flora leaves heaven and takes revenge on Adelaide

Regarding the love of life veganthe girl since her arrival in the city has been fascinated by the mature charm of Commodore Guarnieri, who has enveloped her under his protective wing.

But if there only seems to be a deep affection between the two of them, then when Adelaide She left, Flora and Umberto became very close and they discovered day after day that they felt a strong mutual attraction.

A feeling that pushed them to surrender for a night full of passion. However, Umberto quickly backtracked and admitted it vegan He still loves the countess.

The girl with a broken heart tried in every way to restrain her feelings for Umberto until the man ostensibly gave her a pair of earrings, which gave her hope again.

Unfortunately, this was just another attempt Guarnieri To please a woman without promising anything in return.

The reason why Flora decided to leave for good Villa Guarnieri And start to think of a future far from Milan.

However, Umberto, upon learning of Flora’s departure, was followed by a passionate kiss between the two of them, which the Countess spied from afar.

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A sentimental woman who does not remain idle and forces the leader to immediately close the relationship with the Nations, a request that Umberto accepts without reply.

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Flora’s farewell to Milan and the ladies’ paradise

In today’s episode of Flora ladies’ paradise We will communicate with Adelaide That you have decided to leave Milan and accept a job offer in New York.

Thus taking personal revenge Adelaide. How will Humberto Guarnieri react after learning that Flora will be gone forever?

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You can find out only by watching the following episodes of Paradise of the Ladies, which will air until Friday, April 29 at 14:50 on Rai 1.

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