March 20, 2023

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Belen at Le Iene leads Episode IV alone: ​​that’s why Teo Mammucari wasn’t around

Belen Rodriguez for Episode four de hyenas He opted for a leather look: he wears a T-shirt and short skirt with slits, both black, signed by London designer David Koma. On the feet are white sandals with square heels and an ankle strap. Pooling hair in a ponytail and flawless makeup, the Argentinian showgirl this time Performs by itself. She welcomes viewers to live TV and explains why Teo Mammucari is not with her.

Belen at Le Iene leads Episode IV alone: ​​that’s why Teo Mammucari wasn’t around

The program in front of the television, on Italy 1, gathers 1,263 thousand spectators, equivalent to an 8% share. I still don’t take off with plays, belinHowever, she is not at all afraid of violent criticism on social media and by managing it on her own, she is going her way straight. to hyenasthe show he’s been dreaming of doing for 7 years, says: “Now I will make you understand why there is no Teo.”

37-year-old showgirl reaches out to announcer: 57-year-old has Covid-19

The 37-year-old moves into the part of the studio where there is a huge screen behind her and contacts the Romanian presenter. “Teo Mamukari, are you there?” , Begins belin. “Here they are, bye-bye. I’m at home, and unfortunately, I got Covid”, Replica in Mammucari Connection. Then he explains: “Thanks to the vaccine, I have no symptoms, but for everyone’s sake, I must stay home. I will follow you, please: I know you will do well.” “Thank you very much Teo, I will do my best”Rodriguez counters and launches the first service.

Argentina receives him: He will continue to the end in “solitary”

far, belin He makes it to the end of the credits, without ever losing his direction, yet he remains smiling and flawless even with his guests.

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