UeD “We’ll Marry” Bomb: At the Altar

UeD “We’ll Marry” Bomb: At the Altar

UeD, sexy bombshell of two famous darlings from the broadcast: The beautiful proposal finally arrived, they decide to go to the altar. What a huge joy for the fans!

Bomb from UeD – Nanopress.it

Good news for many followers of the dating program Canale 5: One of the show’s beloved couples decided to go to the altar. here comes sweet suggestion This excites everyone.

UeD bomb, wedding is on the way

despite Maria de Filippi And his team is on vacation, ups and downs from the living room to feelings UeD Keep reaching without stopping. Social media can still keep fans’ attention high with private affairs Regarding the well-known faces of the beloved program that has been conducted by the wife of Maurizio Costanzo for more than twenty-five years.

UeD . host
Maria de Filippi, Queen of UeD -Nanopress.it

Speaking of UeD, have you seen what happened in the last few hours? Through social media, A well-known face in the program This happy ad: Arrival of a sweet marriage proposal. They decide to drown, and finally get married. Here are the heroes of this joyous event and when there will be the blessings awaited.

Huge joy for lovers of men and women: they have decided to marry

it’s up Bomb direct from UeD: Hmm, the lovable faces of the dating show Canale 5, They decided to marry… for the second time! We are talking about Marco Fantini and Beatrice Valli.

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Marco Fantini and Beatrice Valli
Marco Fantini and Beatrice Valli – Nanopress.it

You two are the couple Known in the studio of Maria de Filippi In fact, she got married on May 29 last year A very luxurious party on the beautiful island of Capri but only with civic rituals For a purely logistical question.

as explained Beatrice in her Instagram Stories, It was difficult to transport the guests who had arrived in Capri, from the chapel on the island to the site where the reception was to be held.

So the couple decided to opt for a civil ceremony It will take place live at the villa where the anticipated event will take place next. And through his Instagram profile However, the former suitor of Men and Women, shares another happy announcement with fans: she and Marco They will soon celebrate their second and religious marriage, in Milan.

These are his words:

“We’re going to do something very intimate, between us, in church, here in Milan because we want to get married in church.”

So probably There will be no social sharing As Beatrice announced at the beginning. At the moment, the date has not even been announced to the followers but it is already there: The religious wedding will be strictly confidential.

We are only aware of the city to be celebrated which is Milan. Marco and Beatrice have been together for almost 9 years. Never worry, never worry about gossip and gossip about it.

Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini
Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini – Nanopress.it

Their love is strong and lastingThe two started a family shortly after leaving the dating program on Channel 5. Bianca was born in 2017 and Azura in 2020. Marco decides to ask Beatrice to marry him in one very romantic paris, Unfortunately due to covid they had to postpone their marriage for some time. But now they have finally achieved their dream twice.

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