First the show, then the party with the fans

First the show, then the party with the fans

The Argentine will be asked questions by the media, before receiving a hug from the fans at Euro

to me Rome and the Dybala day. And in the early afternoon, the press conference is scheduled to present the Argentine player at the “Bernardini” sports center in Trigoria, but the wait is above all tonight. Indeed, La Joya will be the great protagonist of an event show at Eur dedicated to Giallorossi fans. The appointment is for 9 pm at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, near the Capitoline headquarters.

Dybala Conference
In Rome you will find a ready-made group of important players. Is it right to raise ambitions and think of the Scudetto?
“I think it is too early to talk about the Scudetto. There is a lot of desire on the part of everyone, Roma have won a very important title and there are still important goals. Everyone loves to win, and we have to play the game after that. The match and then we will see where we are. Right now. There is a difference ahead of us, we must work calmly.”

Marotta said you don’t need Inter at all, did you feel betrayed?
“No, not at all. Since the expiration of my contract with Juventus, my agents have spoken to many teams. I have had a very good relationship with Marotta for a long time, we have been close to many teams, then Thiago Pinto arrived in Turin and things changed.”

Do you see yourself better as a second striker or an attacking midfielder? To what extent did Mourinho’s phone call influence your decision?
“On the tactical issue, I think it will be the coach’s job. He will decide where I have to play, and I’m open to play wherever he wants. His call made me so much fun, one day he suddenly wrote to me after he had already spoken with the director. But I thank everyone. “.

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What guarantees did you receive here in Rome?
“The first thing I asked about the coach is what we aim to win. I love to win, he is. Both Mourinho and the club have given me points to focus on, there is a lot of confidence and a lot of awareness here. It is very important to go forward and to achieve goals. I will try to do my best and take advantage of My experience is to keep winning.”

What surprised you about Roma fans? If you scored against Juventus, would you be happy?
“Obviously I won’t cheer. I am very curious to see what will happen tonight with the fans. I know this arena is very hot, people are always close to it and I can’t wait to see the fans tonight and hug them.”

Do you think Rome is the perfect place to have fun?
“I think football has changed a lot, there are players who are very physically and fast and there are fewer good matches. But what matters is the end result, I want to win and that should be the first goal. My game is to help my mates.”

What differences did you find between Roma and Juventus? Did Totti’s words convince you?
“I meet a lot of new people, I still have to know the names of those who work around us. I see an organized club from all sides, they help me with everything. I am happy with the way they treat me. Totti? Eto’o. We talked a little there, but it wasn’t There is a certainty. He spoke to me about Roma so well, we did not resent these days.”

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You have an age that allows you to be in full maturity. Could Dybala in Rome be the best ever?
“I’m working for it, and I hope it’s that way. I’m trying to put myself in the best physical condition, there will be many matches between now and the World Cup break. After years at Juve I’ve gained experience, and I’ll try to give my best. The dressing room to help win and to always be positive in the tough moments that will definitely happen during the year.”

Could you do more last season?
“It is normal that there are criticisms, when you are at Juventus they always ask you for more. I could have scored more goals and collected more minutes, but due to some injuries that was not possible. In any case, my numbers were among the first in various aspects, not Only for goals and aids.”

What happened to Juventus? Why is it over?
“I think the manager Arrivabene was very clear, we had an agreement to sign in October and then the company asked us to wait. In March, the company told us I would not be part of the future project. It was not a problem. Financially, the club made another decision with the coach. I said. It’s that if it was their choice, it wouldn’t be a problem for me.”

Many people think that Rome is the right place for you, why do you think?
“I’ve talked a lot with the manager, coach and president, I know how this team is being built, and I didn’t have too many doubts.”

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What do you think of Zaniolo? How important is it to keep him trying to shoot the Scudetto?
“We all know Zaniolo, his characteristics and what he can offer. I spoke to him, but it is clear that the choice is up to him, I cannot intrude his future.”

Signed for three years, do you aspire to win the No. 10 jersey in the future or is it a question you consider closed?
“We know who was the last to use it and from me there is a lot of respect. We know it’s a very important shirt also for the fans. For me the number 21 is very important, it’s the number I have in the National team and with it I started winning at Juventus. Now I hope to start winning with Roma. In the future you never know, but now I’m very happy at 21”

9 pm party with fans
The number of Roma fans is expected to reach 50 thousand, who decided for the occasion to do big things in a place that the club has never used until now. There will be plays of lights and pictures of Dybala’s goals on giant screens and then greeting the player with a short speech to the audience. Who will be able to attack his number 21 shirt in the designated stands.

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