Salernitana subject to exclusion from Serie A: ‘No bid is acceptable’

The memo from the Melior Trust and Wildar Trust proposes extending the deadlines beyond December 31 to allow the club to finish the tournament.

Confirmation of what appeared yesterday Came across a note issued by the trustees, Melior Trust and Wildar Trust. Salernitana risks disqualification: “To date, none of the offers received to purchase the club under the ‘Trust Salernitana 2021’ instrument – read – is not accepted because it lacks the requirements and/or conditions imposed for the act itself or because, as in the latter case, the bidder has not demonstrated the existence of The appropriate economic, financial and financial requirements to complete the transaction.”


So the situation is dangerous. For this reason, the Trustees are calling on the parties to the dispute and the FIGC to extend the terms of sale: “assessing the postponement of the terms of sales with the aim of ensuring Salernitana 2019 concludes the current tournament while ensuring independence with the settler himself and the subjects related to them.”

risk of exclusion

Salernitana risks disqualification from the Serie A Championship if a binding offer to buy does not arrive by December 31, the deadline also stipulated in the Grenade Trust’s founding deed. Next December 21, the FIGC will discuss the status of the Campania club and “subsequent decisions” among the items on the agenda.

Malagò words

In the morning in the Salernitana case, the first man in the Cone case also intervened Giovanni Malaggi: “Is there a danger of Salernitana being excluded from the First Division? Let’s hope that does not happen. We are 16, we saved ourselves a quarter of an hour before the bell.”

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The mayor accuses

Meanwhile, the mayor, Vincenzo Napoli, also took a stand: “The story is further evidence of the inability of the football government to effectively manage the football company according to competitive competition and the passion of the fans. The city of La Salernitana, its wonderful fans and the city of Salerno cannot and will not suffer. Suffering from the consequences of a hallucinatory state in all respects.The Municipality of Salerno has made enormous and profound energies to ensure the logistical and structural conditions for the development of the Italian League for a positive solution to this issue.We call on all champions with the utmost sense of responsibility to ensure that Salernitana continues in the championship and can strengthen the staff to defend Serie A The first division won with full merit on the pitch.”

full note

Below is the full text of the press release issued by the trustees, in which it was finally confirmed that they would ensure the office would continue through the end of December 31 and continue to be delegated until the new term which would finally be agreed between the settlor and the FIGC: “As is known, with the Trust Salernitana’s deed 2021, the settlers assigned the Guardian Book the task of alienating the shares representing 100% of the US Salernitana 1919 Srl under specified circumstances, within the deadline set December 31, 2021. The deed of confidence allowed Salernitana to participate in the Serie A Championship, the 2021 sports season/ 2022. Deed of trust – Continuously and promptly inform FIGC of expressions of interest and/or offers received, as well as transmit it the relevant documents. In compliance with the duties of confidentiality imposed by the Deed of Trust, as well as of a commercial nature, the Trustees have not disclosed any A person, other than Fédération Internationale de Civil Aviation, reports events and/or offers received, nor economic terms and/or identity from potential buyers.For this purpose, it should be noted that news from some valid The terms economic and identity publishers and potential buyers are unfounded. To date, none of the bids received to purchase US Salernitana 2021 under the Trust Salernitana Bond 2021 have been accepted, due to their lack of requirements and/or conditions imposed by the act itself (eg, form of offer; price match; appropriate documentation to verify the independence of the bidder the existence of guarantees of the solvency of the bidder, etc.) or because, in the end, the bidder has not demonstrated the existence of the appropriate economic, fair and financial requirements to complete the process. The Trustees informed the settlers and the FIGC of the current status of the planned sale, representing the critical issues arising from the potential failure of the sale by December 31, 2021, and, accordingly, invited them to consider postponing the sale period, with a view to allowing Salernitana 1919 Srl of America to conclude the current tournament, and at At the same time ensuring its independence with the same settlers and subjects related to them. In any case, to ensure the continuity of the office received until the deadline of December 31, 2021, the trustees will be able, if required and subject to agreement with the settlers, to ensure the continuity of their mandate until the new term which will finally be agreed upon between the settlers and the FIGC.”

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