Italy vs Scotland 6-8, 2023 Mixed Curling World Cup Live Streaming: Second consecutive defeat for the Azzurri

Italy vs Scotland 6-8, 2023 Mixed Curling World Cup Live Streaming: Second consecutive defeat for the Azzurri

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Holy See of Italy and Canada

Schedule, programmes, TV and streaming of the World Mixed Curling Qualifiers – The Azzurri called up for the Mixed Curling World Cup – The ‘new’ Italy adventure – Why no Musaner? – History of Italy – Czech Republic – Chronicle of Italy and Australia – Chronicle of Italy and Hungary

12:40 Thanks for lilly us! Italy will return to the Gangneung Ice Stadium tomorrow morning at 7:00 to play the match against the Netherlands. have a good day!

12:39 The Azzurri paid the price especially in the opening second half, picking up three points from their opponents, and then failing to respond with the same coin to Scotland in complete control of the match. Now the path to the playoffs is practically blocked.

12:38 The two points that the Azzurri made in the last chapter are useless. Italy after Canada He also loses the match against Scotland: the final score is 6-8.

12:36 Bluestone file home, but Scotland can fail now. Azzurri is one step away from KO

12:34 Italy goes ranger again, and Scotland continues to liberate as we come to the end of this latest chapter.

12:33 Two dark stones for the house in these first bars on the eighth side. Scotland sweeps the scene

12:31 Today the spark is completely missing. However, it must be said that Scotland have always kept the ball in the game very well, closing all possible doors for the Azzurri.

12:30 Sahl said. Point to Scotland which take 8-4 When only one end is missing.

12:28 Transcript by: Armand places the stone in exactly the same spot, just back towards the outer white. An easy point will come for Scotland.

12:26 Arman places the first stone in the red area on the right side, Mu’ot turns away. The house is still free.

12:23 Right now we’re playing out of position in the seventh end, where our boys are still going to need a real miracle.

12:20 Colon arrival thanks to Constantini’s surgery. Italy is still sticking to the game. Italy and Scotland 4-7 after six ends.

12:16 Along the Moaut liberation on the right side, Arman takes advantage of this and places the stone almost in the center in the center of the house. Then Muwat opens up a lot of light on the last pitch. Be careful because now there are conditions for taking the two points.

12:14 In the meantime, we’re only working on the left side of the ice, with Scotland getting close to the points zone.

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12:13 In the meantime, take a look at the other areas. Canada leads 6-2 over Australia. Estonia’s journey continues with a 6-2 win over Hungary. South Korea is on the rise, leading 9-5 over the Czech Republic, and then head-to-head between the Netherlands and Denmark, with Orange ahead 6-5.

12:12 Italy’s high goalkeeper after the timeout.

12:09 We’re running off center at the beginning of the sixth end. Italy deadline

12:07 This is all easy for Scotland who score two points comfortably take 2-7. Now it’s really hard for Azzurri

12:05 Italy puts it on the right but there’s still a Scotch stone at the point where the last shot hit. Two points can come to our opponents.

12:03 It pretty much blows all the dodds. Racing highlight.

12:01 At the moment, there are two stones from Italy on the points, and the fifth end seemed to be starting well with Italy raising their defense by putting in another goalie.

11:58 We’re working to the left on these first columns of the fifth end. Scotland erase the blue guard, and Sebastiano will put him back.

11:55 Scotland has a top level tactician. On several occasions our boys fail to find out. Now we need more audacity. The fifth ending begins.

11:50 a.m. What a game of pool Stefania Constantini uses the edge of his outlying stone sites in the center. Italy – Scotland 2-5 in the middle of the match

11:48 The Scotsman removes one of the two blue stones positioned in an interesting area on the left. We are in the closing stages of the fourth end, a very important and difficult moment for Stefania and Sebastiano who need a good shot to score at least one point.

11:47 Arman chooses the left side from the inside but it could be superficial as an attack. Let’s see how Scotland responds.

11:45 A great hunch for Moaut shooting a stone gem near the house. Now it is difficult for the Azzurri to resist

11:40 Similar situation to what was seen in the first bars of the previous endings. A serpentine stone made by the Scots is also in this fourth shot. But this time, Arman opened the house immediately. Scotland’s response was not exceptional, but it freed the house from the bluestones

11:37 So it is! Two points come to Scotland lead 1-5 after the first three overs

11:35 Strong rebuff by Constantini who left a Scottish stone at this point. There are conditions for scoring 2 points in the latest edition of our competitors

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11:31 This time Arman works on the left side, but his stone is split by another red stone. The house opens up a bit and things get pretty tangled up when the last two releases are missing

11:30 Scotland tried again on the starboard side by removing two stones from each side.

11:28 Three Scottish and three bluestones in a dangerous area. Let’s see how our boys do

11:26 The exchange of privileges in these first editions of the third ending. A stone file in the center of the house with Arman’s work on the right side.

11:24 Here comes the Constantinople Blue Point, which shortens the distances. Italy – Scotland 1-3 after the end of the first and second

11:22 Moaut returns the favor and limits the damage. There is room for the blue dot

11:19 Moot puts a stone in the middle. Arman pushes it out a bit with a gentle release.

11:16 Scotland “attacks” on the left side this time. Arman who with refusal nonetheless leaves the Scottish Stones in an interesting area

11:12 Arman tries to fail, he removes the red and yellow stone and opens the house a little. Mowat then replaces the third Stone for a point on his release and Scotland promptly make three runs in the first over. Italy-Scotland 0-3, we need to respond.

11:10 Scotland always put a keeper on the right side, let’s see if there’s room. Currently full house.

11:08 Nice shot by Moat, who puts the third stone on the right side. Arman answers from the same side. complex situation

11:05 The study phase is in these early phases, with significant rock traffic in the area involved

Let’s go! I listen. GO AZZURRI!

11:00 hummer time to scotland. Italy will have the red stone, while Scotland will have the yellow stone.

10:59 First photos from Gangneung arrive. The match between Italy and Scotland is about to start!

10:57 In Italy’s group, that A, all teams lost at least one match. A different letter instead in B, where Japan and Norway are currently traveling on full points with four wins out of four.

10:53 It certainly won’t be easy for the Azzurri to take on such close rivals. Bruce Mowatt and Jennifer Dodds showed up in South Korea with big ambitions.

10:51 Right now, Scotland has three wins and one defeat, specifically against Canada. Two wins and KOs instead for the Azzurri

10:48 Constantini and Arman come back from defeat to Canada, a factor that complicated the run-up to the qualifiers. A real breakthrough would be needed against Scotland.

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10:45 Good morning, sports friends! There are 15 minutes left until the start of the match

Good morning friends and friends OA Sports And you are welcome life life to Italy – Scotland, Fifth challenge from Azure AI 2023 World Mixed Curling Championships in Gangneung, South Korea. Italy is the Olympic champion in this discipline along with Stefania Constantini and Amos Musaner, but this year the Azzurri are trying to attack the world podium with the duo formed Stefania Constantini and Sebastiano Armand.

The couple actually decided to separate their athletic paths After winning the gold medal at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The Trentino and Veneto players were the absolute champions in an unforgettable apotheosis of the Games and took the entire movement to the top, never before able to climb the highest step of a leading international tournament. Competition (Games, World and European Championships). Amos Musaner got his start playing with girlfriend Alice Coppelli, while Stefania Constantini continued hitting the ice with Arman (who’s also part of the men’s quartet).. king The latter won the Italian title.

The Azzurri made their debut by defeating the Czech Republic 7-4, Then they were Obviously defeated 1-7 by Australia, Yesterday morning the Italian team Obviously, he beat Hungary He took the second success and on the Italian night he faced the powerful Canada before being dealt with Scotland, one of the direct competitors for a place in the play-offs. The Scottish team consists of Jennifer Dodds and Bruce Mowatt, He lost in Round 1 8-4 to Canada, then beat Denmark 7-1 and the Netherlands 7-4. The World Cup tournament provides for the participation of 20 teams, which are divided into two groups of 10 teams each. A round robin offers each team to face the other nine in their group and at the end, the top placed qualifies directly to the final, and the second and third teams play the playoffs to determine the other semi-final winners. Italy is in Group A with Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, South Korea, the Netherlands and Scotland.

Sports brings you the live broadcasts of Italy and Scotland, the Azzurri’s fifth challenge at the 2023 Mixed Curling World Cup scheduled for Gangneung in South Korea: Real-time news, end after end, stone after stone, so you really never miss a thing. It starts at 11.00. I listen.

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