Juventus, without Chiellini and with doubts about Bonucci: De Ligt’s Rugani duo with Napoli

Two days before the tournament resumes after the Christmas break with Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus, immediately awaits a break commitment: Actually arrives at the Allianz Stadium Naples Spalletti advances in the standings, compared to the Bianconeri, by five points. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is necessary to focus at the highest levels so as not to start 2022 on the wrong foot, which suggested three fiery challenges from the outset. A departure with Napoli, with an important return (the Church and Dybala) but also some schisms.

Chiellini positive, Bonucci stops too.
The two affected, Caio George and Pellegrini have yet to train So are, of course, the three COVID-19 positives Chiellini, Arthur, Pensolio, and Ramsay (expected in the next few hours of returning after permission is received) and Bonucci. The latter is the negative news of the day following the ills of the past few hours. The central defender stopped fatigue in his left thigh which was subsequently evaluated for diagnosis. The tests ruled out muscle injuries but the player is still in great doubt for the upcoming matches. Given the plethora of matches to be played in the next few weeks against Madama, at Juventus there is no intention of forcing the hand to bring back the number 19.

With Napoli, the only two are left: the De Ligt-Rugani duo is ready.
Without two of the four central defenders on the team, the solution to the temporary absence becomes one and only one: the re-proposition of the pair of Matisse de Ligt and Danielle Rugani. Repeat because between the only two appearances since the previous Empoli start, there is one, the most demanding, besides the Dutch midfielder. We need to go back to the beginning of November when Vlahovic’s Fiorentina arrives in Turin, and due to Chiellini’s loss at the last minute, Rugani is thrown into the starting position. They conceded zero goals, the duo is working well and the victory is. Rugani’s other and last presence since the first minute was on the last day of the Champions League against Malmo alongside Bonucci. His turn will be against Napoli, a team he has been close to several times in the past, with a columnist like De Ligt instead 20 times this season with 1,739 minutes to his credit. In an emergency, Allegri clings to de Ligt’s rather large shoulders.

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