Juventus, Moncalvo “Boccia” Skamaca: the verdict on Vlahovic

Luigi Moncalvo spoke to CMIT TV: comment on the Juventus transfer market, in particular Schamaca and Vlahovic

It is now clear. over there Juventus He wants to intervene in January to strengthen the offensive section, in particular the role of the center attack. As we told you about Calciomercato.itIn the past few hours, it has returned to trading significantly name of owned by From a black and white point of viewAlthough the deal is not easy at all.

Nedved and Arrivabene © LaPresse

However, as is known, this is not the only path that the “old lady” follows with particular interest. it’s not a secret Turin’s appreciation for Icardi, but in this case also we are talking about an upward target especially in terms of staffing costs (12 million net per season). In addition to the Argentine, skamka and the dream VlahovicUnlikely in January unless there are exciting surprises. About the possibility of landing the Roman party and the bomber Fiorentina Journalist Luigi said Moncalvo, who spoke to our CMIT TV during the Calciomercato Show. “More names I’d like to see play – says Moncalvo -. Skamaka is good, but it’s useless if you have half a midfield“.

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Moncalvo to CMIT TV: “Allegri is back assuming. Vlahovic to Juventus? Goes to burn”

Juventus Skamaka Vlahovic
Vlahovic © La Presse

Allegri:It came with the premise of turning superior midfielders into good players. An error has occurred in the estimation and assumption. The same thing that made him refuse real Madrid“.

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Vlahovic:I think they will make barricades in Florence. I think the feeling of Viola fans will explode after the transfer to Juventus. I say that if Vlahovic wants to burn himself, he goes to Juventus for 3 or 4 months… you remember Friday? Where were you? The midfielders all trade pieces to be sent off. You don’t want midfielders making horizontal passes or backwards. You risk getting ruined too Dybala. If he had come with PogbaAnd Pirlo e Vidal It could have been a letter. Previously a church He was undergoing a coup. Also Kulusevsky. Why isn’t he a great player anymore?“.

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