“First place after a softer draw. I’ll give you an anecdote about Calhanoglu. Pavard? He passed the test with Thuram…”

“First place after a softer draw. I’ll give you an anecdote about Calhanoglu. Pavard? He passed the test with Thuram…”

After regaining the top spot amid widespread praise, Inter is returning to taste the European atmosphere Champions League. Having already qualified from the fourth round, the Nerazzurri will play for first place in Group D tomorrow evening against Real Sociedad, which could make the impact with the round of 16 “softer”. But to do that we will need victory over the Basques. He will talk about this and more Simone Inzaghiin the traditional pre-match conference.

What match do you expect against Real Sociedad? Is Inter the favorite?
“It will be a very difficult match against a good opponent who has shown in recent years his ability to play well at home and away. We know that we are facing an absolutely valuable team and it will be an important test.”

Do you feel that you are at the highest level?
“Credit to this start, but the journey will be long and full of pitfalls. It is good to do this during the first four months, but football moves quickly. Tomorrow’s test is difficult but the team knows what it means to finish.” Firstly.”

Should we expect strong turnover?
“Something will change, as it always has, regardless of Real Sociedad. We have some important players off the pitch, and I still have to see the parameters of the training sessions this morning. We have been working on video and on the pitch. But I won’t do that.” “We talked about turnover, more about change as I always do. Maybe in a more explicit way in Lisbon because we were able to take it knowing that the players would respond well. We came close badly but then we got back into the game with a great performance.”

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What will victory add tomorrow?
“There is a lot of confidence and great prestige for the club. It would also be very important in theory to have an easier draw. We know the Champions League is difficult but we want to finish the season in first place.”

The number of turnovers in the Champions League is greater than the League: is it a choice given that the League is the first goal or through confidence in the group?
“Definitely from confidence and from the way I see the training sessions. There is talk of a weak draw but we were good in the first five games. Real Sociedad, who will play for the record tomorrow, were in the fourth pot. We were good at making the draw better than it looked. “

Does it make you proud to be, as you will be on your epiphany, Inter’s sixth most decorated coach?
“The goal of every coach is to have long rotations. I had one at Lazio and I hope to stay here as long as possible, but the field passes in between and we know that we are judged in every game. We need to work.” “With the boys and the environment who know that times are changing and when there are problems we will have to make a difference.”

Can Cuadrado start? Can you change your position given your opponent?
“We will have to be good in both phases because they press, they have technique and the coach himself gives a lot. They do not change back and forth. As for Cuadrado, who I am evaluating, I do not have many options.” Two of him, Basic and Darmian, will probably start from the beginning. I know that Darmian and Pesek played in the 90th minute, and Cuadrado in the 25th minute, but he lives with an annoying problem that he has not yet overcome. Tomorrow I will do a last minute evaluation.”

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How important is it to have Darmian who can play anywhere?
“It’s very important, he and everyone are doing very well. Matteo is a classic player that you want to have because two days ago he started fifth on the right, then fifth on the left, then ‘arm’. The previous Sunday he had played third.” “On the right. We are very happy to have him. He has a lot of experience and helps the little ones a lot to integrate and understand the principles that we want to bring to Appiano every day.”

We have read many comparisons with Calhanoglu. Does he remind you of anyone and how did the idea of ​​making him a director come about?
“I became coach of Inter and when there was a big problem for Eriksen I called Marotta and Ausilio that same evening because it was reported that he would not stay at Milan. They told me that they had already called him. The quality of the coach “He was an ordinary player for everyone. We took him as a midfielder, there’s no denying that, and then what happened to Brozovic during the year made me choose to put him there for a couple of training sessions. The match was a real test. “He is an important player, his playing characteristics are very strong.”

You can see a nice atmosphere between Thuram and Pavard, among other things, the French centre-back ran very well…
“He passed the test on Saturday night at San Siro so I think he can recover. Beyond that, the atmosphere is that of a group that loves each other, and then there is a coach who has to make choices. Whoever leaves is not happy.” “On the bench but everyone respects the choices knowing they can be useful even for a short period.”

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How did you see Fratesi?
“He’s fine, I saw him well during the week as well. I think he can play from the start.”

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