Do you want to lose weight this Christmas? A simple and healthy trick

Do you want to lose weight this Christmas?  A simple and healthy trick

Do you want to lose weight this Christmas? A simple and healthy trick@timolina

Arrived Christmas vacation And with them, the great premise of family, work and friends: weight in sight! It is normal to gain weight during this periodBut if we want to get beyond Rees without the sentence “Oysters, how fat have you become?” It is better to treat it earlier. Fruit is our great ally to deal with Christmas celebrations. We teach you how to do it!

5 benefits of eating fruit

Days when you don’t have a social dinner are the best Fruit dinner This way we will get the nutrients our body needs, without becoming obese. then, We leave you with five benefits that fruit dinner offers during one season:

  1. Fruit is low in fat and calories. In addition, there are fruits that are very sweet and this means that we can satisfy the desire for sweet food, and avoid the temptation to eat other less healthy foods. However, pay attention, because There are fruits that can contain a lot of calories; Avocado is an example.
  2. Provides fibreHelping our digestive system. fruit Helps prevent constipationTo regulate intestinal transit and reduce blood cholesterol.
  3. that it A preventive weapon against diseases. The fruit contains a high percentage of antioxidants Helps fight oxidative stress in the body, Reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer, degenerative disorders, or Cardiovascular problems.

  4. Regular consumption of fruits contributes to our bodies Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Vitamin C is essential to strengthen our bodies immune system Fruit provides a lot. next to, It also contains vitamin A, K and potassiumamong other things.

  5. Moisturizes: Fruit contains water and is primitive Eat it during the summer or while practicing physical activity. Because it keeps us hydrated.

Eating fruit for dinner can save you from Christmas.

And if these benefits don’t seem enough for youEating fruit will also help you improve the appearance of your skin and give you energy And besides, you have one Wide variety of fruits to choose froms. Therefore, let’s leave strict diets behind and choose a varied and balanced diet: Do you have fruit dinner?

In addition, these two factors must also be taken into account:

Planning is key

Before heading into the festivities, consider planning your Christmas meals. Make a list of healthy dishes you can enjoy that align with your nutritional goals. Add seasonal vegetables, lean protein, and healthy dessert options. Thus, you will be able to maintain a balance between the most enjoyable and the most nutritious dishes.

Don’t miss a meal

It is commonly believed that skipping meals before a big feast is a good idea to compensate for calories. However, this can lead to a greater appetite and a tendency to overeat. Instead, make sure you eat balanced meals throughout the day to control your appetite and avoid unnecessary overeating.

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