It will bring with it many AI-based jobs

It will bring with it many AI-based jobs

Samsung is definitely the manufacturer that is making the maximum effort to update its devices to Android 14 and One UI 6.0, which is the latest version of its user interface that has brought with it many new features. After starting with the Galaxy S23 at the end of October, the update program continues with the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 with foldable devices, tablets and other devices from the Galaxy A range.

Samsung is working on One UI 6.1

However, the Korean manufacturer is also busy developing the pThe first version of One UI Which will debut on the Galaxy S24 range which is expected to debut early next year. One UI 6.1, which will integrate various AI-based functions, will also be released in the following weeks on other compatible smartphones, starting with the Galaxy S23 range.

In this regard, it seems that Samsung has already begun the beta testing phase of the update to its current highest level. An unpublished test firmware, marked by the abbreviation, has already been identified on the servers of the Korean company S918NKSU2ZWX2, It is probably already based on One UI 6.1. at the moment, A public beta testing phase does not appear to be expected.

Obviously, we are unlikely to see all the AI ​​features that will arrive on the Galaxy S24 also on the Galaxy S23. Some, in fact, may necessarily do so Requires the greater processing capabilities offered by Exynos and Snapdragon processors Samsung will use it in the next top of the range devices but most of these functions are supposed to also be compatible with older devices, especially high-end devices launched in the last couple of years.

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Many functions based on artificial intelligence

The AI-based functionality that could arrive with One UI 6.1 is the one that Google integrated in recent weeks on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, that is. Wallpapers based on generative artificial intelligence. The bugs in this effect came via userBennettBuhner who posted some screenshots and screenshots on the X that show, among other things, this very function.

Just as it currently does on Google smartphones, Users will be able to create wallpapers by selecting a series of options. The only visual difference seems to be the UI: Google’s preview is full-screen while Samsung’s is more compact. Also change the button that creates the image: On Google it says “Inspire me” and on Samsung it says “Surprise me”.

In addition to this function, as shown in the screenshots, it should also arrive Weather effects on lock screencharacteristic of An editor very similar to Google Magic Editor, there Automatic formatting and text summarization of notesthe Real-time translation during phone callsjob Acoustic isolationThere are many other AI-powered photo editing features including Reposition objects by dragging and dropping.

A new one is coming too Adaptive protection function that charges the battery Charges the phone to 80% and resumes charging to 100% just before the user wakes up. The maximum protection function only charges the battery up to 80%.

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