“I thank Sciotto for the act of love. Messina is safe on and off the field”

“I thank Sciotto for the act of love. Messina is safe on and off the field”
Comparison of President Sciotto and Mayor Basile (photo by Paolo Furrer)

There is still no formal submission of application form by MessinaBut payments to members and electronic transfer of files to coffeesock And Lega Prorun by General Secretary Alessandro Faella, now seems to rule out the most unpleasant surprises.

Sciotto, Frassica and Basile

President Sciotto with Actor Nino Frassica and Mayor Federico Basile

Even the mayor breathes a sigh of relief Federico BasileReached over the phone by our editorial staff: I urged the president Peter Scotto Last Saturday but we didn’t have any other contact on a busy day. Unofficially I learned that everything turned out for the best. I am satisfied and happy with the choice PropertyWhich got the team into Serie C, which allowed Messina not to lose the professional class. genuine act of love By the chief, who should be thanked for saving Messina sol area And Outside from the field.”

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