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Mayor of Milan confirms that the council works in the public interest: “Great steps forward”

The decision to impose the public interest on the project The new San Siro stadium The city council is “working” and agreeing “if not tomorrow, it will be next Friday.” The Mayor of Milan explained that, Baby SalaOn the sidelines of the November 4 celebrations: “I think at this point the way it was phrased, we We no longer have great doubtsHe said.. the public interest decision “I think it should be well explained, also to the citizens and to the entire world of politics. I think the way we started two years ago, we’ve made great strides, and in my opinion, the fact that we were able to get the teams back to respecting the volumetric Pgt is very positive. “.

“Regarding the agreement reached with the senior management of Milan Inter, I will not talk about success because it is clearly not a confrontation between who is stronger, but the summation of the interests of the teams by the rules of management. So – emphasized Sala – I consider the agreement very good and therefore I have no doubts, but I must explain very well to the citizens what will be in San Siro, what the area will be, and how it will remain green. ”

On the fact that the ownership of teams in 2027 may not be the same, Sala said, “This is a problem with modern football and all the big clubs. The decisive point is the ambition expressed by Milan and Inter to continue to participate. From the European summit and from this point of view, considering them is that the stadium is indispensable.I have come to the conclusion after many reflections that the stadium is the subject for them and if we do not allow that to San Siro, they will definitely go to another part. The stadium is a priority for them.”

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