Champions League – Porto Inter 0-0 Report cards: Darmian block, Onana Super in the final

Champions League – Porto Inter 0-0 Report cards: Darmian block, Onana Super in the final
Porto Inter, second leg match of the round of 16 of the Champions League, ended with a score of 0-0. Thanks to Lukaku going 1-0, Inter made it through to the quarter-finals of this competition. Below are the votes of the match champions to understand the progress of the match.

Port report cards

Champions League

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Diogo Costa 6 – basically he was not called to question.

PEPÊ 5.5.0 Update He suffers a lot on the left side, especially in the first half at Dimarco Wild Stadium.

Fabio Cardozo 6 – Check Lautaro’s attempts carefully. He keeps banging on Dzeko.

Ivan Marcano 6,5 – He feels his body for the Bosnian, even if from time to time his former Roma team-mate shows him some neat shots.

Zaidu SANUSI 6.5.1 update – Few smudges. Dumfries holds without problems and plays a good game. From 85′ WENDELL – sv.

Stephen Eustachio 6 — it demonstrates more sacrifice than quality, but it’s also his game that definitely shouldn’t be thrown away. From 70 Andre Franco 6 His entry doesn’t change things: Porto can’t find a change of pace.

Marko GRUJIC 6.5.1 update He works well in the middle of the field and distributes many balls in order. Exactly as he did in Milan.

Mateus URIBE 6.5.1 update – Possibly the best of Porto in the center, if only for architecture and order. Half a vote less for the only small mistake that could cost a lot. Sanusi replaces him.

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Wenderson Galen 6 – Well in the first part of the match, he goes the distance, missing a few balls a lot.

Evanelson 5 – Fantastic control by Bastoni. Really fleeting. Of the 70 Tony Martinez 6 – A beautiful bicycle kick in the final that made Inter some shivers.

Mahdi al-Tarmi 5 – Does not affect. He was well received by the Inter defense and was unnoticed except in his full recovery, when the only dangerous finale of the match was saved by Onana.

Herr Sergio Conciaso 6 – In general, you have a good port; An organized team, Eleven has clear ideas…but that only rises to a certain point. In fact, the problem, or rather the “feeling”, is that they could have been on the field for 6 days without scoring (except for the jerky end where nerves and tensions were more than ideas). A little dangerous to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Inter report cards

Andre Onana 7 – Be careful of those two conclusions about which you are called. Ordinary management, at least until the 95th minute, when he runs the ball over Taremi just enough to send Inter into the quarter-finals.

Matthew DARMIAN 7.5.1 – He manages to miraculously impede the “Inzaghi theory”, that is, the reservation, and therefore the substitution. He received a yellow card at the start, but despite this he plays a great game, as an absolute defensive wall for the Nerazzurri. from 80′ Milan SKRINIAR – sv.

Francesco Ascerbi 6,5 – In the center of defense he is alert and meticulous, leading the section with great experience and cleanliness on an evening when he is constantly under pressure.

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Alessandro Bastoni 7 – Like Acerbi, he works very well in defense, with a really impressive addition in the first half hour of the game from the point of view of ball exits and chains. From 74′ Stefan DE VRIJ 6 – Help in the final.

Denzel Dumfries 6 – It would be real enough for this Inter. He’s taking a big risk – again – with another uncoordinated push. In the first half, he often gets into a crisis, making mistakes both from a technical point of view and in reading situations. He only pulls himself up in the final match, when he makes a full recovery and gives his hand to Onana to save the line.

Nicolo Barella 6 – A really inadequate first half, with a game far beyond the standards of his game. However, in the second half, if nothing else, he found dynamism and running, giving his hand as a protective shield for defence. From 80′ Marcelo Brozovic – sv.

Hakan CALHANOGLU 6.5.1 An evening of torment, not construction, of prohibition and sacrifice instead of flashes of aggression. but no problem. The “new” Calhanoglu is also this. And in Inter’s most important game of the season – at least so far – he proved himself to be a reliable player.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan 6.5 – Technically, he remains a superior player, even in the evenings – at least in the beginning – as he also struggles with lighting. But then it comes with good geometry and many correct readings.

Federico DiMarco 7 – Together with Darmian, the best of Inter tonight. In the first half he dominated the left flank and might save Porto’s only real chance. From 70′ Danilo D’Ambrosio 6 – the finale of Vigil Race for him too, without too many frills.

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Lautaro Martinez 5.5.0 Update – He missed the offensive line, and missed many – many – balls in both the management phase and the end phase. But for an evening at Inter, after all, that’s fine.

Edin Dzeko 7 – A huge undertaking up front, sometimes expanding, sometimes lowering himself, always doing the right thing for the team and reminding the world of his technical cleanliness rare for a striker of this size. From 70′ Romelu LUKAKU 6 Final without special episodes.

Coach Simone INZAGHI 6 – Inter will not shine tonight. He may be speculating a little too much. But he is clear of everything, even without being a magician, he got the result, brought the Nerazzurri back to the quarter-finals of this competition after 12 years and achieved a very important goal for the season and from an economic point of view. very good.

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Champions League

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Champions League

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