Find out how to pass on your passion for science to your students: Don’t miss today’s free webinar, October 12

Find out how to pass on your passion for science to your students: Don’t miss today’s free webinar, October 12

How do you convey a passion for science to your students? Through discovery, curiosity and research for example. or through projects Holding hands like one of Mad Science.

for 6 years In fact, the DiaSorin . Foundation promotes TheA passion for science and research through the Mad for Science competition. An annual competition between scientific secondary schools, classical biomedical secondary schools and technical institutes throughout Italy where each school participates by submitting a project implemented in its school laboratory. The competition, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education for promoting excellence, awards participating students with up to 50 hours of PCTO.

Among all the participants, the 8 best projects will be selected to compete in the final challenge. A concrete way to support in-lab teaching and youth STEM skills and teacher training, and provide the eight finalist institutes with the resources to invest in their own labs.
We’ll talk about how to support lab teaching and STEM skills in school in our free webinar In cooperation with the DiaSorin . Foundation today, Wednesday, October 12, at 5.00 pmThe teachers who will speak during the webinar will talk about their experience and the impact that participation in the project has had in their school.
Free event title: Laboratory Teaching Pathways and Good Practice in STEM Disciplines: The Case of Mad for Science.

Here are the speakers for the webinar:

Founded in 2020, the DiaSorin Foundation promotes youth culture and passion for scientific research, putting the school lab at the center, a place where they can experience science first-hand. Mad for Science First and Mad for Science for Educators then are the two founding projects aimed at science students and educators to become passionate about science and keep abreast of its developments. Since 2021, the Foundation has also signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Education to publish its projects in schools.

Can’t you join the live stream on October 12th?

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to caution: Regardless of the registration period for the webinar, only the first 1,000 users will be able to access the live broadcast on October 12.
However, Tuttoscuola will send the link to view the webinar recording to all subscribers.
Strong demand for participation is expected.
If you cannot connect in advance, we suggest you wait comfortably for the registration email, which we will send shortly after the webinar. You can watch it whenever you want!

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