Science does not work like the majority

Science does not work like the majority
Professor Carlo Cottarelli, economist and former senator from the Democratic Party (archive photo on Facebook)

“According to the head of Arpa Lombardia, global warming is not a human action. The majority of scientists (not all, but the majority yes) say it is caused by greenhouse gases emitted by production and consumption. Why can’t I believe the majority of scientists?”

Professor, economist and former Democratic Party senator Carlo Cottarelli announced this yesterday

The person who reciprocated, among others, was the Genoese professor Paolo Picci, who has always been very critical of those who sound the alarm about the alleged global warming, which may be caused by human activities, instead of protesting against those who, due to inactivity and /or inability to find appropriate solutions Who are really responsible for damages caused by weather conditions.

“Galileo – explained Professor Bex to Professor Cottarelli – he belonged to a complete minority, but he was right. Science does not work like a majority.”

“In the past – added Prof. Peachey – if a river overflowed, Western man worked to build more resistant banks and preserve the area so that it would not happen again. Today he invokes climate change as if it were an angry earthly spirit. We have degenerated into pagan tribes.”

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