FCIN1908 – Barcelona, ​​Xavi: “We do not deserve to continue at CL. Inter…”

FCIN1908 – Barcelona, ​​Xavi: “We do not deserve to continue at CL. Inter…”

The words of the Blaugrana coach at the press conference with the triple whistle for the Barcelona-Inter match this evening.

Daniel Vitilo

Triple whistle at Camp Nou. Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez held the usual post-match press conference with Inter. These are his words Collected by FCINTER1908.IT reporter at Camp Nou.

How do you explain the implication of the match in the second half?

“The first half was excellent. We attacked from the outside, and we replayed the game well. They suffered a lot. In the second half we made mistakes that made us deteriorate mentally. Until the end we tried, but we didn’t make this competition so tough for us this year. If you don’t beat Inter at home. You don’t deserve to pass. We have distant chances now, because they depend no more than us. There is little hope, but it is difficult. We pay the price for our cherished mistakes. The two mistakes are killing us.”

How to raise the level of the team after a hard hit like today with the whole season going?

“It’s a hard blow, very hard. Let’s think about the match against Real Madrid now, to be able to recover by beating them at the Bernabéu. There are other matches now, let’s think about the tournament we want to be leaders in. The season is long. We did our best. It was harsh.”

Special defensive errors. What did you do wrong instead?

“The setting was correct and positive. Maybe the intensity of the second part was missing. If the defense is wrong, I am also wrong because this is the team. You want to point one of them with your finger, but the mistake is all wrong. I also take full responsibility for the individual mistakes of the players, because we talked About these situations like bringing in Barilla, but there was no right focus on the pitch. Like this.”

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Is this the level of Barcelona?

“I’m frustrated, sad and even a little angry. Last year we had a feeling we wouldn’t have made it, but this year it was our mistakes. For specific mistakes. We have to criticize ourselves, we don’t deserve to continue. However, we have to see that there has been an improvement. Compared to last year, but anyway we are going to the Europa League because of our mistakes.”

Are you satisfied with what you see on the pitch after today’s match?

“The first half was very good. Even against Celta in some moments we did well. Today we tried, but we have to continue like this. It’s a hard blow for us, but in some moments I was satisfied with my children.”

Why in the league so well and in the Champions League, 7 goals were conceded in four matches?

“As for the mistakes you mentioned. An obvious mistake in the defensive line led to a draw, so we had to restart and it was tough mentally. Such mistakes are paid dearly in the Champions League, and probably don’t happen in the league.”

“We have to reduce errors. Today we attacked very well, the match was excellent in the first part, but we pay the price for mistakes.”

Physically strong and defensive. Well structured forward, with ripples that protect the ball well. The duels were difficult, especially in the field of defense and this pays off in Europe.”

Why insist so much on Dembele?

To what extent will this double confrontation affect the Real Madrid match?

“I hope it doesn’t affect it. The boys worked hard, had faith and self-love, but mistakes pay off. From tomorrow we will try to prepare for the race in the best possible way.”

What will you say to the fans today?

“I want to apologize to the fans because we lost because of our mistakes. We had the match in hand and let it slip away. The fans today don’t deserve a draw, but a win for the environment and how they paid. It’s a shame not to be at their prime. We promise we will continue to work hard to make things better.”

Does it bother you when teams fall back too far?

“The third goal is a counterattack. The second goal hits a losing ball and therefore our fault, as in the first, on launch. We never retire, always want to be high. I haven’t seen a shutdown in defence.”

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