It is expected that 3,800 cancer cases will be discovered in the health zone in 2024

It is expected that 3,800 cancer cases will be discovered in the health zone in 2024

The Camp de Tarragona Cancer Registry studies the evolution of these diseases and makes forecasts for this year when about 1,400 people are expected to lose their lives.

he Camp de Tarragona Cancer Registry It indicates that in 2024, in the health zone About 3,800 cases will be diagnosed And about 1,400 people will die Because of this disease, it is expected that by the end of the year there will be about 38,500 people in the region who have been diagnosed with cancer at some point. This is data taken from the study presented on Wednesday, which covers the three-year period between 2015 and 2017.

The processing that data requires to meet international standards and other methodological requirements explains this time jump. The head of the registry is the Director of the Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention at Sant Joan de Ríos University Hospital, Doctor Jaume Galceran. He explains that two reasons have been pointed out to explain the downward trend in cancer incidence and mortality rates.

On the other hand, he said, “No People's awarenessThis was clearly demonstrated in the decline in smoking among men. The second reason is ” Early diagnosis of cancer, especially breast cancer and colorectal cancer, which are among the most common types of cancer.” Data on the number of cancer cases diagnosed and the death rate resulting from them in Camp de Tarragona are equivalent to the European average.

Dr. Galceran points out that although it is not possible to know the direct effect of…Industries such as petrochemicals, we can conclude that it is not significant. This is mainly because the cancer registry results are equal to those of Girona. The general average indicates this 4 out of 10 men will develop cancer Throughout his life, he is the number that In women it is about 3 in 10.

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