March 25, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Illustration between Antonino Spinalbese and Antonella Fiordelisi – Big Brother VIP

Antoninoafter discussion with Edwardalso wants to clarify with Antonella He explains his position.
The boy immediately becomes defensive and decides, annoyed, not to joke with the women of the house anymore. He doesn’t want to pass for a guy who tries everything.

Antonella minimizes the episode, even for her it was a game, an activity she didn’t think sparked so much jealousy. He does not see Antonino as a Latin lover, on the contrary, he was always very conservative and did not bother with anyone.

Antonino gets it wrong: his problem is that he doesn’t see malice in what he’s doing. He had already received several massages from Antonella, and he didn’t think that another could provoke a similar reaction.

He usually only comes forward if he feels interested in the woman as well and always tries to be respectful. Edoardo’s hints, especially those in which he believes the massage was requested with the intent of making Giaele jealous, cause him much annoyance as he feels them far from his being and feeling.

Yael He approaches and apologizes: He didn’t want to make a fuss on his birthday. He probably shouldn’t have told Edoardo about the massage, but he didn’t do it in bad faith. However, she hopes that Antonino will not turn away from her and continue joking. She loves her husband and the rest is just a game.

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