Fighting “antibiotic resistance” with an accurate and innovative test: the latest in science

Fighting “antibiotic resistance” with an accurate and innovative test: the latest in science

Antibiotic resistance has been a phenomenon of concern in the scientific world for years. But today we have another weapon.

there SearchAnd, as we know, he is Foundation Pillar Solutions that then allow Save more livesand based on Improving people’s health and well-being.

In a very broad context that includes different sectors, Today we are talking about antibiotic resistancesubordinate The dangers inherent in this phenomenon And what they are instead The latest discoveries that will make a difference.

Medicines, especially Antibioticsallow every day to Saved lives. Since their discovery, they have been able to treat many previously fatal bacterial infections. When it comes to antibiotic resistanceTherefore, it is easy to understand what it is. The bacteriaat a certain point, They are no longer affected by the drug and continue to multiply.

What is antibiotic resistance and where does it come from?

That must be said This phenomenon is physiological and natural. Some bacteria even have a natural resistance. On the other hand, others gain it from “experience”, because they are also “fighting to survive”. phenomenon, however, In recent years, he underwent a faster operation. The reasons are different, but above all there is the “reckless” use of antibiotics.

L ‘Improper use Of antibiotics, however, it can be attributed to many subjects. Not just for people doing “do-it-yourself treatments.” The real danger lies in the fact that the bacteria cause health problems not only for those who have taken antibiotics but also for the rest of the population. So we are faced with a social problem And not just an individual.

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For example, antibiotics It is used in intensive farming To prevent disease. However, traces of the drug can pass from the animal to the final product (such as meat or milk) And unintentional hiring by people. As the ISS report reminds us, “

In 2018, in 29 EU/EEA countries 4,264 tons of antibiotics were used in humans and 6,358 tons in food-producing animals.“.

Figures that make an impression, but give a good idea of ​​reality.

They are not missing and then “Incorrect” management by doctors themselves. This is especially the case when it comes to respiratory infections. because of Not quite perfect diagnostic toolsmostly Viral and bacterial infections are confused. As a result, they are treated with the “wrong” drugs. This is also a factor that is increasingly leading to antibiotic resistance. Luckily , A company has created more effective rapid tests. Let’s see what it is.

Fighting antibiotic resistance has another weapon

Between 2015 and 2018, an Israeli company developed thanks to aImpressive searchsubordinate Rapid tests for the correct detection of bacterial infections. MeMed Diagnostics, Inc. was founded, among others, in 2009 with a focus on the prevention of antibiotic misuse. But that’s not all: we remember it among other things pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, (known to insiders as LRTI), Today they are the third cause of death in the world. This is all the more reason to fight antibiotic resistance and determine the appropriate treatment depending on the case.

The current tests, unfortunately, leave room for doubt. On the other hand, MeMed created a file More accurate diagnosis system.

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Official Statements by Memed

for better understanding Work donewe convey words Dr. Tania Gottlieb, Vice President for Scientific Affairs at MeMed Diagnostics and Coordinator of the Respiratory Immune System Project.

Almost a decade ago, in Collaborating with top doctors from all over the worldWe developed and validated MeMed BV. A leading signature of the host protein Distinguish between bacterial and viral infections. It exploits the body’s immune response to infection.” So unlike other diagnostic tests,”Can distinguish between bacterial and viral infections, and Validated in clinical trials who registered thousands of patients […] to her Performance has been demonstrated in both children and adultsin various clinical and pathogenic syndromes

Naturally We do not enter in more Scientific technical details Because it will be very difficult to re-work. But We can understand From the above data that science is making progress. Thanks to these more effective tests, antibiotic misuse will automatically decrease. And the We can slow down the phenomenon Which – according to some scholars – It can be really disastrous for your health for all mankind.

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