A young golden eagle returns to fly aboard Villino as of 2019

A young golden eagle returns to fly aboard Villino as of 2019

A young golden eagle returns to soar in the Sanctuary of Monte Felino. Indeed, a young golden eagle took to the air after a few years of absence from this extraordinary event; The egg hatches on 14 June after an alternating incubation period by both parents that lasted about 45 days, while the chick has been recorded around the early months of August.

The pair of vultures nesting in this site has not recorded such good news since 2019, which confirms the categorical environmental suitability of the reserve, due to the optimal habitat, which offers landscapes that are still intact, and the suitability of the site, and this is linked to the high percentage of food necessary for the survival of this species. The Biodiversity Department of the Carabinieri of Castel di Sangro, the governing body of the Oriented Nature Reserve, also carries out among its tasks the monitoring and study of the progress of the breeding season of birds of prey and rock-nesting birds, included in the Birds Directive (2009/147/EC).

Activities in recent years have made it possible to strengthen nest monitoring, which is carried out from various remote points so as not to interfere with breeding activity and thus collect useful data to obtain a picture of the global context for the protection and conservation of species. It is present in this area and has high scientific validity.” Therefore, the closure of a part of the path represents a due concern towards an exceptional animal species that is highly threatened by human influence and whose protection and control are among the primary tasks of the Carabinieri for biodiversity”, commented the head of the department. Created by municipal decision in 1987, the Monte Felino Nature Reserve, with its 3,500 hectares of land, protects exceptional ecological values, one of which is the historical breeding site of the golden eagle.

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