No blue spadista reaches the second round. Hopes placed in women’s saber – OA Sport

No blue spadista reaches the second round.  Hopes placed in women’s saber – OA Sport

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13.07 Qualification for our Four Swords main draw is already confirmed.

13.04 Focus on the female saber blue combos: Michela Battiston finished with four wins and one defeat (4/5), Eloisa Passaro now has three wins and a zero loss (3/3), three wins and a KO for Martina Crichio (3/4), the same balance for Rossella Gregorio (3/4).

13.01 Sword of Dhikr plate:

Alexis Bayard (Switzerland) – Stenprinz (Estonia)
Nesir Loyola (Belgium) – Yonatan Cohen (Israel)
Tristan Tolen (Netherlands) – Alex Vava (France)
Marco Brinkmann (Germany) – Lucas Bielmann (Germany)
Max Heinzer (Switzerland) – Ruslan Iskov (Estonia)
Matsig Belek (Poland) – Jacob Jurka (Czech Republic)
Patrick Jorgensen (Denmark) – Yannick Borrell (France)
Richard Schmidt (Germany) – Edo Harper (Israel)

12.55 The second round of the sword is running out, in the next update the second round challenges.

12.52 Criccio (2/3), Passaro (2/2) and Gregorio (2/3) win their matches in a row! Passage of the rosary mortgaged to all the blue!

12.49 The turn of the epic 32 ends for men, and Spain risks losing their representatives (Manuel Barges and Juan Pedro Romero) just as Italy did.

12.46 Gregorio is also defeated, instead Michela Battiston becomes a hitter and scores 3/3!

12.42 in Swimming pool In the sword comes another victory for Michaela Battiston (2/2), who defeated Martina Crichio (1/2) in the second match. Eloisa Passaro triumphed in her debut (1/1).

12.39 We will soon provide you with a full price quote for Sif Al Dhikr. Already qualified Yannick Borrell (France), Alexis Bayard (Switzerland), Sten Prentice (Estonia), Tristan Tullen (Netherlands), Alex Vava (France), Max Heinzer (Switzerland), Ruslan Eskov (Estonia), Patrik Jorgensen (Denmark).

12.36 Rossella Gregorio started off well.

12.33 Michela Battiston and Martina Crichio win the first game in their group!

12.30 Having piled several podiums into the review, we were expecting something more from our contestants, and none of them made it to the second round. Let’s put our hopes in swords!

12.27 Two very quick hits by the Swiss condemn Santarelli to get rid of… all the blues.

12-26 Draw on 13-13 between Santarelli and Heinzer!

12.26 ELIMINATED VISMARA: The Blues were defeated 7-15 by Yannick Borel.

12.25 Even Santarelli is no longer as playful as at the beginning, he must reclaim a point from Heinzer (11-12).

12.24 Partial thriller by Borrell, Vismara in tremendous difficulty (6-13).

12.23 Santarelli tied (8-8), Vismara loses contact with his rival … (5-11).

12.22 Stuttgart Borrell, across the Alps in front of 5-7.

12.21 Santarelli leads 7-6 in the first half over Heinzer, 4-4 between Wismara and Borrell.

12.21 Santarelli balances the attack and leads (6-5)!

12.20 tied France (3-3), Andrea Santarelli, only one length behind Heinzer (4-5).

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12.20 Three consecutive stocks for VISMARA! Borrell is now down 3-2.

12.19 Two double shots and a point from Santarelli makes the attack 3-4.

12.18 Wismara also under 0-2 against Borrell.

12.18 First Heinzer’s advantage over Santarelli (0-2).


12.12 Some technical delays but the wait is running out! The match between Santarelli, Heinzer, Vismara and Borrell is a round-of-32 match in which the Azzurri duo, who remain in the tournament, participated. Previously removed Gabriel Cimini and Davide de Feroli.

12.09 Duelists enter the sidewalk!

12.06 Few minutes on the XVI from Andrea Santarelli and Federico Vismara. The first will deal with Swiss Max Heinzer (No. 16 in the world rankings), the other is called the project against the Frenchman Yannick Borel (fourth in the planetary hierarchy).

12.03 The women’s sword competition with groups will start after half an hour. We’ll see Michela Battiston, Martina Criccio, Rossella Gregorio and Eloisa Passaro take off the podium.

12.01 The Italian matches will start in less than ten minutes at a time!

11.50: They will be two very difficult challenges for the Azzurri in the Round of 32. Andrea Santarelli will face Swiss Max Heinzer while Federico Wismara faces Yannick Borrell.

11.46: Federico Vismara wins! 15-12 for Zarqa, who will now face Frenchman Yannick Borrell.

13-12 Shorten Mahringer.

13-11 Another hit from Wismara. +2 base for blue.

12-11 Stash Vismara! 34 seconds left.

11-11 Draws Vismara!

10-11 Austrian advances again.

10-10 Stuttgart from Wismara. Only a minute left until the end of the attack.

9-10 Maheringer Stuttgart.

11.42: The attack between Wismara and Maheringer returns with a draw. 9-9.

11.40: Wismara takes over. 6-5 for blue.

11.39: Wismara tie. 5-5

11.36: 5-4 for Maheringer. It would be another violent attack.

11.35: Vismara shortened to 4-3.

11.34: 4-1 for Austrian. Seems like a very complicated day for our swordsmen.

11.31: Wismara started poorly, losing 3-1 to Maheringer.

11.29: It will soon be Federico Wismara’s turn against Austrian Mahringer.

11.25: David de Feruli lost. He defeated the Slovak Johanides Al-Zarqa 15-13.

11.22: De Feruli slipped for 13-11. The blue guy is forced to make a dramatic comeback.

11.21: Santarelli wins! 15-13 for the blue against the Ukrainian Sych.

11.20: De Feroli is in trouble. Blue Under 11-8 against Yohannedes.

11.18: Two straight hits for Santarelli, who moved to 13-11.

11.16: Santarelli and Sych are still equal. 11-11

11.12: 6-6 Great balance in the challenge between Santarelli and Sych.

11.10: David de Feruli’s attack on the Slovakian Johanides also begins.

11.09: 2-1 for blue.

11.05: Andrea Santarelli’s offensive against the Ukrainian Sich begins.

10.57: The first two players to reach the podium will be Andrea Santarelli and Davide de Feroli.

10.50: Very soon the blues attack. Let’s go review the challenges

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Santarelli – Sych (United Kingdom)
Written by Veroli – Johanides (Svk)
Wismara – Maheringer (Aut)

10.24: at 10.50 a.m. the attacks of Santarelli and di Feruli are scheduled; While at 11.10 from Vismara.

10.13: Now there’s a pause for the Sixty-Four Assaults, then it’s time for the Blues Challenges.

10.10: This is the 32nd assault of the blues

Santarelli – Sych (United Kingdom)
Written by Veroli – Johanides (Svk)
Wismara – Maheringer (Aut)

10.08: The dramatic elimination of Gabriele Cimini is confirmed. And Andrea Santarelli, Federico Fismara and Davide de Feroli pass to the 30th minute.

10.00: We are still waiting for the knockout draw for the Men’s Sword.

9.51: Cimini won his first attack and finished with one success and five defeats. It is unlikely that blue would need such a result to reach the main draw

9.43: Gabriele Cimini virtually eliminated. Fifth consecutive defeat for Blue. Terrifying group stage.

9.36: Andrea Santarelli also took his fourth win and finished the group stage with a 4-2 record.

9.34: Federico Vismara completed the group stage. Four wins and two defeats for Blue.

9.27: Three wins and two defeats for Federico Vismara.

9.23: Gabriel Semeny’s fourth defeat. Blue risks a dramatic elimination in the group stage.

9.18: Davide de Feroli finished the group stage with four wins and one defeat.

9.15: Andrea Santarelli redeems himself and wins his third victory in the group stage.

9.09: Gabriel Semeny risks being eliminated. Third defeat in a row for Blue. Really worrying situation. He is forced to win at least two of the next three rounds.

9.05: An important victory for Andrea Santarelli in the fourth attack. Two wins and two defeats for Blue, who must win the fifth attack.

9.00: Third victory in four attacks for Federico Wismara, with a difference of +7.

8.55: Let’s summarize the results of the blues

Andrea Santarelli 1-2 (-2)
Federico Vismara 2-1 (+3)
Gabriel Cimini 0-2 (-6)
De Feruli 3-1 (+9)

8.48: Davide Di Veroli found himself with a record of three wins and one defeat.

8.45: Andrea Santarelli loses the second attack of the three contested. Blue should definitely win the upcoming matches.

8.40: Defeated to Federico Vismara in the second match of the group stage.

8.33: Cimini and Vismara haven’t finished their second meeting yet.

8.28: An excellent start for Di Veroli who took his second straight win, both 5-0.

8.23: The first victory for Andrea Santarelli, who lost the first match.

8.15: The group stage also started for Semeny and unfortunately the Blues were instantly defeated.

8.10: David de Feroli and Federico Vismara’s first win.

08.06: Andrea Santarelli’s group begins with a defeat.

8:00: The group stage for the men’s sword begins.

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7.53: As we mentioned, we start at 8:00 with the aforementioned sword. Santarelli is the guarantee, but also pay attention to Vismara and Cimini who are already on the podium this season in the World Cup. Instead, the young De Feruli was ready to be amazed.

7.46: Later the group stage of swordsmen (Michella Battiston, Rossella Gregorio, Martina Crichio and Eloisa Passaro) will begin. So far this season, on an individual level, the Italians have underperformed the teams, but the European Championship could mark a turning point.

7.42: We start with the swordsman. On the podium, Andrea Santarelli, Gabriel Cimini, Federico Vismara and Davide de Feruli. The chances of seeing the blue on the podium again are there, but it will be a tough race as many are vying for the medal.

7.38: Today it will be up to the fencers and swordsmen to try and increase Italy’s medal table in these European Championships.

7.35: Double female sword medallion with silver Rosella Viamengo and bronze Mara Navarria. In total, Italy’s medals in these European Championships totaled eight (1 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze).

7.32: Yesterday reached the first gold in the event thanks to Daniel Garroso, but it was a day of victory for the men’s blue chips, with Tommaso Marini (silver) and Giorgio Avola (bronze) also on the podium.

7.30: Hey, let’s go live for the third day of the European Fencing Championships.

Good morning, OA Sport friends, and welcome to the live broadcast of the European Fencing Championships. preparations for Third day of competition in Antalya (Turkey): Today it’s up to Swordsmen and swords Get off the podium to compete for the European title.

On paper, men brag about higher chances on the podium; Andrea Santarelli is the most suitable duel to win a medal, But the other Azure representatives who responded to the names Gabriel Cimini, Davide de Feroli and Federico Vismara.

It would be a feat to blow up the bank in a female saber, Top 3 is still a realistic goal The unit of the three colors formed by Michela Battiston, Martina Criccio, Rossella Gregorio and Eloisa Passaro. The last (and only) Continental gold was worn in the discipline around his neck Ilaria Bianco back in 2003.

Fencing: Genoa will host the European Championship 2025

The first attacks will start at 8.00 Italian time, the semi-finals and final scheduled from 17.30. Via LIVE LIVE sponsored by OA Sport You will get all updates in real time: stay in our company, the blue swordsmen will be able to entertain us. I’ll see you later!

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