‘leaving a huge void’

‘leaving a huge void’

Mara Vinier couldn’t hold back her tears as she lived to remember one of the most important people in her life. The pain is still very strong: this is what he said and about whom he spoke.

Strong feelings of the presenter. In every show she’s been on or starred in, Aunt Mara has always managed to touch the strings that few can. During one of her guests, the Sunday Lady could not restrain herself and burst into tears during the memory of a loved one.

Mara Venere She always manages to be the center of attention, whether she’s the one leading or if she’s a guest on a TV show. A strong personality with a very strong past behind her. The anchor, in fact, has told herself a lot in recent years, revealing aspects of her that the public is not aware of. She acknowledged the beautiful and happy moments, as well as the personal drama that marked her.

On a well-known talk show she participated in, the presenter told one of her most painful moments regarding mother elsa. And while she did, she couldn’t hold back her tears. During the interview, he told some tales that no one knew, and also talked about his relationship with her.

Mara Vinier remembers her mother: illness and death

And this is not the first time that Sundae is served this year Celebrated its 30th anniversary with a primetime showTalking about mom elsa on TV. She stopped more than once to remember the woman with whom she was deeply attached. One of the last times was during her host of the popular talk show Maurizio Costanzo Show that she was unable to hold back. tears.

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Mara summons the woman who disappeared in 2015 due to Alzheimer’s disease. “He was the meaning of my life. He left a huge void.”, Venere admitted while visibly excited. She later revealed that she was with her mother until the end. In the last days of her life, he sang Neapolitan songs to her because she had always loved Mario Merola and that was a way of communicating with her.

Then he admitted that the last three years of his mother’s life were really painful because the woman had suffered so much. In Mara’s words, a Sharp pain An indelible bond. Just think the file Venier hasn’t been to Venice since her mother’s deathThe city brings back many memories of her mother.

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