FIFA distributes 187 million to World Cup clubs: 2.7 to Juventus, 2 to Inter

FIFA distributes 187 million to World Cup clubs: 2.7 to Juventus, 2 to Inter

Of the 440 clubs on the planet that received money, 27 are also Italian: 2.7 million for the Bianconeri, 2 for Inter and 1.4 for Milan. Curiosity? Benevento 200,000 euros, for Mantua 86,000, for Venice 74,600, Cremonese 59,000. The biggest “paybacks” for the Argentines and the French, used from the first to the last day of the tournament. The premier is above all

Andrea Ramazzotti

– Milan

After the World Cup in Qatar, 440 clubs from 51 member associations received €187 million from FIFA to “loan” their players to the national teams. The same amount was also disbursed after Russia 2018, but it will increase with the light of the 2026 and 2030 World Cups. This is how President Infantino and his men recognized the main contribution made by the clubs: that is, by distributing them (a) from the proceeds of the event. Even Italian clubs benefited from it.

money for the Italians

The data presented in the above tables, with figures expressed in millions of dollars, document that 27 Italian clubs have received a “redemption” from FIFA: it is Juventus who have collected more than 2.7 million euros, in second place is Inter with 2 million. Then Milan with 1.4, then Fiorentina with 1.3, then Atalanta with 1.2, and gradually all the others. Some curiosities: Benevento received €200,000, Mantova saw €86,000 recovered, Venice €74,600 and Cremonese €59,000. In all, FIFA received €16.7m or 11.7% of the proceeds destined for UEFA.

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Money for federations and teams

Going through the FIFA report, other interesting and useful figures emerge to understand the key role played by European clubs. In particular from the top five leagues of the old continent which has many of the best players on the planet. At least before the Saudi Professional League boom… €142.5m went to UEFA (divided among 275 teams), €21.3m to AFC (divided among 67 teams), €13.8m to CONCACAF (divided among 53 teams), CONMEBOL €5.2m (divided between 26 clubs), Africa CAF €4.1m (spread between 18 teams) and Oceania €86,000 (all for one club, Wellington Phoenix). Within the European Union, the English FA had 33.8 million (46 clubs), the Spanish 21.7 (33 clubs), the German 18.8 (27 clubs), the Italian 16.7 (27 clubs) and the French 14.8 (27 clubs). Let’s move on: the top five teams with the most money from FIFA are all European. These are Manchester City (4.1 million), Barcelona (4), Bayern Munich (3.9), Real Madrid (3.4) and Paris Saint-Germain (3.4). A curiosity: Ajax (3.1 million) collected more than Juventus; Ditto for Atletico Madrid (2.9), Chelsea (2.9), and United (3).

criteria used

The FIFA Club Benefits Program is part of a Memorandum of Understanding between FIFA and ECA, the European club association, which was extended until 2030 at the ECA General Assembly in Budapest in March 2023. Of the 440 clubs that will receive part of the money after the last World Cup, There are several lower level teams: 78 are from the second string (we have a B), 13 are from the third string, 5 are from the fourth string and 1 is from the fifth string. Transfers worth $209m, or €187m, were sent from Zurich following the release of 837 players for an approximate daily sum of €9,826 per player, regardless of how many minutes they played during the tournament. Each player’s total is broken down and distributed among the clubs that player was registered with in the two years preceding the final competition. The money was sent by FIFA to affiliated associations who handed it over to the companies.

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Single players

It is easy to understand, then, that the players who earned the most money were the Argentines and the French who played the World Cup in Qatar from start to finish: Rabiot brought Juventus €353,752, as did Theo Hernandez to Milan, and Lautaro to everyone. Inter, Benzema at Real, Koeman at Bayern, Mbappe at Paris Saint-Germain, Lloris at Tottenham etc. Instead, others split the number between two teams: Di Maria between Paris Saint-Germain (235.835) and Juventus (117.917), Messi between Paris Saint-Germain (235.835) and Barcelona (117.917) and Giro between Milan (235.835) and Chelsea (117.917), examples, but There are also those who have given happiness to three clubs such as Enzo Fernandez (117,917 for Benfica, 147,396 for River Plate and 88,437 for Defensa e Justicia), Romero (29,479 for Genoa, 88,437 for Atalanta and 235,835 for Tottenham), Molina (206,356 to Udinese, 117,917 to Atletico Madrid and 29,479 to Boca), Ferretot (29,479 to Fiorentina, 206,356 to Roma and 117,917 to Marseille). A curiosity: despite being replaced due to an injury a few days before the start of the World Cup, FIFA also paid compensation to Correa (206,356 euros to Inter, 147,397 euros to Lazio) and Nico Gonzalez (235,835 to Fiorentina, 117,917 to Stuttgart). )


President Gianni Infantino is flattered: “Our club benefits program is a clear example of how the World Cup can positively impact football and clubs. Qatar 2022 was the most successful World Cup ever and will contribute to the development of the sport in all corners of the planet.” Nasser Al-Khelaifi, number one in the Egyptian Chefs Association, added: “We are very pleased that 440 clubs, not only members of the Egyptian Chefs Association or European companies, have benefited from club benefits program funds, as part of the agreement between UEFA and FIFA to release 837 players who participated At the last World Cup in Qatar. CBP is one of the main pillars of the recently renewed Memorandum of Understanding between ECA and Fifa. The 2030 editions of the World Cup will rise to $355 million (€318 million, ed.)”.

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