Agnelli explains the future of Juventus. Chiellini, Allegri, Del Piero and the managers: That’s what he thinks

Agnelli explains the future of Juventus.  Chiellini, Allegri, Del Piero and the managers: That’s what he thinks

Turin – The most serious mistake European football can make is to underestimate the excessive economic power of the Premier League which can absorb resources and thus talent, draining all other leagues. The gap that will open in the next three-year cycle is so wide that it will be able to swallow the best players in the world, impoverishing the clubs of Spain, Germany, France and of course Italy, making them less competitive in Europe. Glasses. Not only that, with the most famous footballers relentlessly drawn to greater fortune, the Premier League would ignite a virtuous cycle for it, a sinister for us, of increasing profits: If I had the best, I had the best offer, so I sell the international television rights in Better prices by impoverishing other leagues in which I will be able to get the best talent, etc. Within a decade, the Premier League could become the NBA, or the global focus of the best, reducing La Liga, Serie A, Serie A and Serie A to marginal competitions, as well as monopolizing the Champions League.

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Juventus, 107 goals on loan: a valuable fuel for the market

Andrea Agnelli He sounded a cry of alarm yesterday in Milan, and it is indeed a simple picture of what is happening under the watchful eye of UEFA and the major national leagues. The Premier League is worth €4 billion annually in TV rights. The Italian League does not reach a billion. When you imagine market negotiations, try to think of a 4 to 1 ratio of the economic potential of an English club compared to an Italian club. In addition to the increasing appeal of the Premier to his worldwide appearances, sponsored by an amazing marketing strategy, started about ten years ago and executed in a masterly manner by a league capable of creating a system. Which means that when they gather around a table, British CEOs don’t think about how to screw each other, but how they think about other leagues, all united with the sole aim of expanding the pie to be split, not tapping into a bigger slice of neighbour.

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Juventus: “The lost season and my future in society…”

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