LIVE TMW – Spezia, Gotti: “Kiwior away, I can’t be happy. But it’s football stuff”

LIVE TMW – Spezia, Gotti: “Kiwior away, I can’t be happy. But it’s football stuff”

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1.20pm – On the eve of the tournament in Spezia, where Roma, led by Jose Mourinho, will reach the summit tomorrow. In a few minutes from the Al-Fredigi sports center, the Eagles coach Luca Gotti He will meet the press for the usual pre-match conference, where the momentum of the Ligurians and the gravity of the match against the Giallorossi will be analyzed. Follow his words thanks to the directness with which he wrote them TMW extension!

1.38pm – The press conference begins.

Kiyoor left, hit down today.
“It’s football stuff, stuff from the reality of what’s happening and the ability of truth to surprise us and we have to respond to it.”

A left-hander is missing, so how can he replace Kiyoor and Nicolau?
“It’s not a problem to make up for absences, the problem is players missing and down. You have to change things that were working, I found lines and playing times, but changing players changes characteristics, and you don’t have much time to prepare the right things for how I see football, compared to an important match like that.” that against Rome.”

Do you have three out of three results tomorrow?
“No, we have to go out on the field to score points as always. Things get complicated, but Spezia is trying to score points and is not satisfied with honorable defeats. We have to make the most of the players’ strengths”.

A few words about the new?
“Esposito played an excellent game, given the overall picture. His ninety minutes with Atalanta is a prestigious baptism, with a tough difficulty coefficient. Zorkowski has a bit of a problem, but unless today’s training tells me something different, I’d like him to be available, both to start the game and get it in progress. We’ll assess his problem after tomorrow’s game. As for the two boys, I’ve only seen them on video. Yesterday they did a half-rehearsal. I liked them so much in the video. Cipot was always playing, instead Krollis looks like he’s been in July, he’s been out for a month and it looks like If only he was on the 3rd day of preparation. Even thinking of throwing him down given the situation makes one feel like he’s on July 3 and I don’t know if he’s ready to play tomorrow’s match.”

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What offensive method can you take?
“It is not easy to answer, both in theory and in practice. I will try to think of the best solutions.”

Is Green ready after the Atlanta game?
“I think it’s the most sensible solution, even more so for a home game against this opponent. I didn’t think he would have had ninety minutes in Bergamo, but he has this quality that he can recover during a game. He seems to drop and then recover, what he did pleases me.” “In Bergamo. I had no intention of letting him start tomorrow and that’s why I kept him on the field for the whole game against Atalanta. Now let’s review things and try to think about it. An important aspect is that we are up against an opponent who has scored more points than at home and that they have scored more than 50% of their goals.” His goals from a dead end. The first ball in the penalty area we received the goal, given that we conceded kilograms and centimeters. Roma are very strong in these situations from set pieces. What Green cannot give you in your area, he can give you in the opponent’s area. ”

How did the team react after the knockout in light of a match against a top player?
“It’s not a question of top players, there are 19 Serie A teams with us, with 38 matches to play. We have continuity of results, which is an important aspect for a team like Spezia. Top players have nothing to do with it, we have to continue like this and make a jump in quality.” Events What happened takes something away from you, but we have to have that goal.”

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Gypsies do not create much, but they do not suffer much. How do you deal with that?
“I can also think about directing the game, but Roma can change your match plan easily. They have very strong players, they are a very dangerous set-piece team, when they restart they play with tremendous quality. There is a constructive aspect to your game that has to include proactive signs.” Roma scored 12 A goal in the last half hour, seven in the last minutes, as it often happens. Let’s think about our absences, but I also have to think about who will finish the game, as well as who started it.”

Looking to the future, Kiwior is happy to sell it into the Premier and to impress players like Zurkowski and Esposito.
“I’m very happy for Queure and the opportunity that’s been given. At the same time, it’s the club’s best sale ever, and I probably think the club is happy too, hopefully at the end of the journey too. I’m not happy myself. There are managers who ask for reinforcements and signings, and they complain constantly. “I would never do that, but it has happened to me in recent years that in every transfer market the club makes significant capital gains and market assets. When there is a surplus in the market, it does not mean that you take poor players, but more willing players leave.” “Sometimes you take young players who aren’t necessarily poor, you take experienced players who come from tough moments. It takes time and you work and build on it. You try to improve the players and the team, but you don’t actually fully enjoy the fruits of your labor because every time it’s a restart and an adjustment.”

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Compared to the new arrivals, are you satisfied?
“The way will tell. I don’t work in the market, when I’m asked to give my opinion then there’s debating football, where we can say anything. Then there’s real football and that will give us the answer.”

1.54 pm – The conference is closing.

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