Ferrari KC23, the coolest one-off ever – Virgilio Motori

Ferrari KC23, the coolest one-off ever – Virgilio Motori

Ferrari has introduced a new supercar, which looks the most exciting ever. At the moment it is only a prototype, but it will soon become a production model. We will not see a series of it, in fact it is a one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind car that only one person in the world can hold in his hands.

An avant-garde and elegant model designed for use on racetracks. It was the Centro Stile Ferrari, under the guidance of Flavio Manzoni, who created the project and graphics for this dream car. there Ferrari KC23, so named, was commissioned by a very demanding private client, passionate about the brand and luxury supercars. Only wealthy collectors of the Italian brand could choose to build such a unique car in the world.

How is it

there future structure It is based on race car engineering. The Ferrari KC23’s striking appearance takes on two personalities: sometimes angelic, sometimes devilish. There are many innovations that the Ferrari Style Center – Special Projects – has incorporated into its one-offs, such as the auto-opening air intakes and the stunning, removable rear spoiler.

The heart and soul of this stunning latest Prancing Horse design is the same Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo, the most successful racing car in the House’s 76-year history. With over 530 victories and 119 championships, this is an exceptional foundation for building a special Ferrari. The new Ferrari KC23 has been thought of exclusively for non-competitive use on the track, Due to the extreme nature of its twin-turbo V8 engine, chassis and installation. Pure beauty, as if carved from a single block of metal.

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Vertically opening doors, like those of a LaFerrari, add an extra scenographic touch to this special car, which tells us at first glance the stunning nature of a model that is unique in the world. The light clusters have also been redesigned: the front ones take on the lines of the 499P racing car, which has just triumphed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, while in the rear we find a kind of dynamic luminous blade in methacrylate, inspired by the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo concept car.

The color used for the unique Ferrari KC23 is Gold MercurySpecially developed, eye-catching color, four-layer paint and aluminum base. The liquid metal in the supercar makes it very bright when exposed to sunlight, and allows it to change color depending on the type and angle of the light.


The passenger compartment structure is just that necessary for a racing car, The button-lined steering wheel and oscillating shift pad are a hallmark of endurance racing. The interior appearance is made more amazing of specially designed seats upholstered in Alcantara.

Ferrari often builds exclusive, one-of-a-kind world-class private cars for its enthusiastic customers, but we don’t always see them, nor are they shown to the public. This time the owner proudly reveals the extraordinary design of his KC23, and he will be the only one in the world to own one, and he is proud of it. The first public appearance of the one-off Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​will take place in the UK from today, July 13th to Sunday 16th. From August 1st to October 2nd, it will be on display at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

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