Art, science and culture, Fasano welcomes PensieriCorrenti

Art, science and culture, Fasano welcomes PensieriCorrenti

The third edition of the PensieriCorrenti Festival organized by the Itriae Culturae Association will take place in Fasano. A free-date event mixing scholarly publishing with art and music in Fasano from August 23-31. A festival has been created in collaboration with the Colloquium on the History of Science, Uniba, the Bari Aldo Moro University, the cultural associations Il Tre Ruote Ebbro, Wardapark and with the support of the Municipality of Fasano, the Bcc of Locorotondo and Weno.

“This year the” Pensieri Correnti “festival will break into Fasano’s summer with major events – comments Fasano Tourism Advisor Pierfrancesco Palmariggi – We have chosen to bet on an event of a very innovative character, from every point of view. The new languages ​​of music, contemporary art and scholarly publishing will define every date in the program It will restore feelings and quality to citizens and travelers.” The theme of the third edition of the PensieriCorrenti Festival is “The Feast of Banality”, based on the homonymous novel by Milan Kundera. In Fasano, Feast of Banality will recognize and love states of difficulty and discomfort with the aim of normalizing and making known conditions perceived as divergent from what is generally defined as “normal”.

But what is “normal”? A reflection that tries to override common sense. Exactly this will be reflected in the program of the PensieriCorrenti Festival which will constantly change itself through words and music, hosting university professors and international representatives from the world of culture, art and music. The publishing part of the 2023 edition of the PensieriCorrenti Festival will be entrusted to Eleonora Loodice, researcher of the Research Center “History of Science Colloquium” at Bari University (August 23), Giacomo Frunzi (August 24), philosopher and music critic, and Umberto Gallimberti (August 25), one of the greatest exponents of philosophy contemporary.

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“The PensieriCorrenti Festival will transform Fasano into a new Athens, where philosophers, scientists, artists, musicians and spectators will work on a sense of insignificance, immersing themselves in completely contemporary and innovative meanings – stated Roberto Detano, President of the Itriae Culturae Association – Oltre piazza Ciaia, the protagonist of the festival will be Piazza Mercato Vecchio, symbol of urban recovery and revaluation There will be surprises and on August 25th, in addition to Galimberti with “The Case of Youth in the Age of Nihilism”, we will have the honor of hosting one of the historic Italian rock bands, capable of achieving success even beyond national borders.

There will be numerous installations and exhibitions set up in the different squares and representative spaces of Fasano with works by Ada Marino, Angelo Iaia, Bruno Cerassi and Giuseppe Palmisano (all on display in the Fassani House Museum), CAOS (with scattered interventions in the historic centre), the short film “God willing” and the project ” Insrud” of the city of Dogger (Monk Minor Monastery).

For ‘The Feast of Insignificance’, the theme of the 2023 edition of PensieriCorrenti, art and photography serve as the magnifying glass through which to explore and explore some of the issues related to discomfort and the need to recognize it, searching meticulously, in which insignificance itself is a conduit for self-acceptance And more – announces Laura Totta of the artistic departments of the PensieriCorrenti Festival – the six selected artists will, through their own artistic practices, explore the subject through unpublished perspectives in an attempt to raise questions and ideas in the audience, as well as the sites selected will dialogue in depth with the different projects, emphasizing on its content.

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The musical event will be opened by SUPERBUUT DJ SET (guitarist Nicola Buttafuoco of Tactical Nuclear Penguins) composed of a selection of tracks ranging from underground techno to afro house, disco and electronica, scheduled for August 23rd.

On the 24th, the stage of the PensieriCorrenti Festival, in Piazza Ciaia from 8.30pm, will host Kyotolp, the solo musical project of Roberta Russo, drummer, producer and performer born in 1996, who grew up between Monza and Bari where she lives; 99 Posse, the Neapolitan group’s expression of the busy, self-run social hub Officina 99 and of the new urban cultures whose award-winning albums include Curre Curre Guagliò, Cerco Tiempo and Corto Circuito; At the conclusion of the Argoritmo dj set, a group that explores the sounds of cinema, producing a DJ set that references Italian cinema, Italian history and pop culture.

On August 25, in Siaya Square from 8:30 p.m., the evening will be opened by Milja, a singer-songwriter born from countless musical pollutions, fusing author’s music with rock, symphonic and folk sounds, and then hosting a world-famous band whose name will be unveiled He announced it on July 29 at a press conference, to then close the evening with DJ set Filippiakos from Ballarock.

The name of the artist who will close the festival on August 31 with a concert in Torre Cannes will also be announced at the press conference. An important representative of the Italian hip-hop scene and record producer.

“Music – explains Veronica Palmisano who was entrusted with the artistic direction of the Pensieri Correnti Festival – can be a useful tool for expressing what we feel, especially when it allows us to give vent to painful and” uncomfortable “emotions, but it can also be understood as a tool for integration and merging, as Recognized nationally and internationally, regardless of the musical genre, the artists who will perform, regardless of the musical genre, have distinguished themselves during their careers for their communication skills, not only on a purely musical level, but also in relation to the topics covered The texts of their works. Personalities capable of using music as an artistic language that touches and/or shakes the deepest feelings.”

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The “Road To” event will take place on August 10, the night of San Lorenzo, in Saveltri da Mariducato. Here, by popular demand, Ciao’s captivating music! Discotheque Italiana marks the union between MusicaLucis, the winter festival in Valle d’Itria that filled the squares of Fasano and Locorotondo only a few months ago, organized again by the Itriae Culturae and the PensieriCorrenti Festival. All festival activities are free and organized with the aim of expanding accessibility to fragile subjects, choosing accessible central locations, arranging services for the visually and hearing impaired, accompanying services and services necessary for the use of persons with disabilities.

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